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>  Pokémon PLEDGE: Summer's in Full Swing!, JULY 1ST, 2018
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 Takarr posted at Jun 22 2018, 12:11 AM
Quote ❝❞
user posted image

user posted image SUMMER'S IN FULL SWING! user posted image
Welcome to another news update brought to you by the staff of Pledge! Looks like we're getting into the dog days of summer (be them cold or hot, depending on where you live), but we've got a few updates and a new event in store to help liven things up! We're still finding ourselves a bit behind on journeys, so we appreciate your patience while we catch up!

The Dana Festival has drawn to a close and we hoped your enjoyed it! Rewards will come in the way of bonuses and surprises in your journeys and will be posted to the event in the next week. With the anniversary celebration over, the pay out for posts had dropped back to 10, so we hope you enjoyed it! Buck up though, we have a new event for the month that everyone can enjoy!

user posted image What's this? It seems that the June OTM winners have been announced! Click to reveal!
A few weeks ago we asked everyone to submit suggestions for who we should pick for the Of The Month awards and now, it's time to reveal the winners of June's Of The Month spotlight!
    user posted image June's member of the month is..!
    How on earth has our dear Tigermyst not won this award before now? It’s a mystery! Anybody who has stepped foot in the Discord channel before has met Tigermyst; she’s a fixture there, always ready to make new members feel welcome and happy to answer any questions they might have. She’s always happy to impart knowledge to other members, whether it be about Pledge itself, or other, real-world topics such as dog behaviour, proper grammar, or just simple life advice. As a moderator, she’s always quietly at work, making sure that the site is running smoothly and she’s always ready to pitch in unique ideas.

    As a member, Tigermyst is a gosh darn delight. Not one to rely on tired old tropes, or the belief that characters need a tragic backstory to be interesting, Tiger’s characters are all uniquely complex and compelling - even their internal monologues (of which there are many) are interesting to read. She portrays their unique struggles with sensitivity and grace, and their personalities are never reduced to their troubles. Their wonderful personalities always shine through despite any difficulties they face. Her ever-growing cast of characters includes a lion-hearted pit-master with a penchant for flirting, a sharp-tongued fashion designer with a flare for the dramatic, the sweetest, most romantic florist you’ll ever meet, and of course, one of Uberrime’s finest rangers (and damn, do we mean fine) - basically, if you want a plot, chances are Tiger has the perfect character ready to go. So don’t be afraid to poke her for some plots, despite her namesake, she certainly won’t bite!

    user posted image May's duo of the month is..!
    What could be better than seeing friendships blossom in Quod Galea? Seeing friendships blossom between kids, of course! Valrun hasn’t had the best run of it lately, having faced problem after problem since reaching Ho-Ohiki with nobody but his faithful companion Lela so many months ago. It’s only fitting that he finds himself a new friend when she finds herself lost in the wilderness! Not that Lilya seems particularly bothered by that fact, especially when she comes across Valrun playing violin in while surrounded by puppies (which is a great way to attract friends, we highly recommend it). The two bond over their shared love of music, with poor Valrun making an offer that he wasn’t quite prepared to back-up (oops!) but the crisis is averted by a swift change of subject: Lilya’s aimless wandering, which leaves Val a bit confused. Their relationship is still new, but we have a feeling that these two are going to become a great pair of friends!

    user posted image June's quote of the month is..!

    Talk about first impressions! Sinead may be new to the site, but she certainly isn’t letting that make her gun shy. She’s bursting out of the gate with some great threads, including her first encounter with Kaelan, the tall, dark and dangerous man in question. Sometimes when two people meet the chemistry is simply undeniable. Sinead MacKenna knows from the moment she sees Kaelen Sosa leaping to her rescue in a brawl on a Piscari dock that that man is trouble, but she finds herself drawn to him anyway. Sure enough, the two hit it off right away--it seems likely this pair will be seeing more of each other.

    user posted image June's thread of the month is..!
    Do you believe in fate? It’s hard to believe that such a meeting could be a mere chance encounter or a coincidence when Procella Ranger Tovah Laurent meets Romulus the Absol at the Uberrime Rescue Centre after she delivers several rescued Pokemon for rehabilitation. Volunteering at the centre tends to do that - it seems that nobody can offer their time and energy to the shelter without being rewarded with a loyal companion. Tovah is inexplicably drawn to the disabled Absol, and thus begins a routine of reading to him at the end of her shifts, giving her a chance to see what a sweet boy the Absol really is - hardly a harbinger of doom and disaster. No, he’s merely a Pokemon, one who seeks love and affection like any other. In the end, Tovah can’t bring herself to leave without him, much to the (rather expectant) delight of the resident staff members. Congratulations on your new home, Romulus!

    user posted image June's Pokémon of the month is..!

    The Growlithe companion of Valrun Black, Lela may only be a pup but she’s utterly devoted and fearless in her defense of her boy. Since their arrival in Ho’ohiki, she has valiantly defended him from all threats, Pokemon and human alike. Given that her boy seems to have some particularly bad luck, Lela’s been one busy pup. The threats to Val she has bravely faced down include a hungry Luxray, a territorially offended dragon, a curiously fixated, gun-toting faux ranger, a gang of would-be Pokemon thieves, and even his own bad dreams.In the midst of all this protecting, she still finds time to play like the puppy she is, make plenty of new friends, and be a top notch cuddle bug. She has won numerous hearts with her sweetness and impressed seasoned battlers with her ferocity. Val said it best in this year’s Dana Festival: Lela is legendary.

    user posted image June's character of the month is..!
    Oh Scrapper. Everyone’s favorite underage pickpocket has seen some things. Escaping human traffickers who dragged her to Piscari, she made her way on her own with only her faithful Purrloin and Vullaby, Scratch and Bones. Her Pokemon team has grown since then, and so has her confidence. She first connected with Uberrime Ranger Sirhan Saifuddin, who she knows only as Lupo, serving as an informant and a set of eyes and ears on the street. It was following a van laden with Pokemon in the hopes of scoring Lupo some intel that she first met Liam “Pyroar” Byron, pit master for Uberrmine’s largest illegal fighting ring. The fighter makes a deal with the kid to steal for him, but it isn’t long before their relationship is a lot more like family than business partners. Recently the traffickers made another grab for her, but she escaped when Scratch evolved to break them out of the van they were trapped in. When Liam found out about the near miss, he suggested she get out of Uberrime for a while while he handled the situation. Hopping into the go kart her favorite Amazonian pirate gifted her, Scrap and her team took off to Caecus where the lovable delinquent made new friends and got into trouble with Valrun Black. Liam recently showed up to take her back home to Uberrime, where she’s looking for fresh trouble (but not too much) to get into! Universally beloved for her blunt honesty, shameless sass, and sheer awesomeness, Scrap’s threads never fail to entertain. She has gradually gathered a family of characters around her who adore and protect her, and she has at least as many players who are cheering her on. We can’t wait to see who Scrap grows into, but we know one thing for sure--she will definitely not be boring!

user posted image It's time for our OTM nominations, so please submit by the 20th of July! Click to reveal!See below for how to suggest your favorite things for this month! Anyone can nominate, and whether you send in just one nomination or a whole handful, you'll receive 100 pokedollars for participating!

What is an OTM? These are special awards given out every month! For the entire next month, the winners will be showcased right above our Affiliate Section, as well as given an award in their miniprofiles. It's our way of saying: "Hot dang, look at our beautiful members! Let's let them know how fantastic they are."

Nominating: There are six categories up for nomination this month! We ask that you PM your choices to Celebi by the 20th of June so that staff can pick the winners and get everything set up for the July news post!

OtMs can only be earned once per category each year. If a character wins CotM, they can't be picked for CotM until next year! However, you may nominate as many as you like, and even send more than one PM if you think of or find new things to nominate.


  • Member of the Month: This can be any member! MotM should be given to those who are active, friendly and engaged with the community. We ask that you don't nominate yourself, of course. Here's a list of all our members! (Not including staff.)
    Previous Winners:
    • Shafaer
    • Takarra
    • Eranda
    • Rotenda
    • Scath
    • Sloth
    • Oniwanbashu
    • Piprika
    • Bettafish
    • Novae
    • Miss Basset
    • Tigermyst

  • Character of the Month: This can be any character. CotM should be given to characters who provide interesting dynamics, are active in threads, and in general are fun to read. We ask that you don't nominate your own character, naturally. Here's a list of all our characters!
    Previous Winners:
    • Ethan Porter
    • Fred Green
    • Yeong Ji Woo
    • David Dedrick
    • Barrett Callaghan
    • Sirhan Saifuddin
    • Sebastian Santora
    • Ichiro Hitsubaki
    • Meghan Robbins
    • Valrun Black
    • Samuel Pandev
    • Scrap

  • Duo of the Month: This category is given to a pair of characters that everyone just enjoys reading together. Whether they're family, friends, rivals, or anything else, we just love reading these two together. If there's a third character who needs mentioning, we might just make it trio of the month on occasion.
    Previous Winners:
    • King&Adam
    • Crispin&Benjamin
    • James&Alexis
    • Jago&Jewel
    • Bill&Marina
    • Frank&Annika
    • Akiko&Tiny!Ethan
    • Sun Rhyu&Sindre Lerat
    • Aureliusz&Liam
    • Scott&Megahn
    • Choy&Ichigo
    • Valrun&Lilyu

  • Pokemon of the Month: This is for any Pokemon who really stood out this month. This award is given to the character who is partnered with that Pokemon for simplicity's sake. This might be a bit more difficult to decide on, but in this category you can volunteer your own Pokemon if you like.
    Previous Winners:
    • Ethan's Snubbull Queenie
    • Alfred's Kangaskhan Big Momma
    • Barrett's Mawile Sugar
    • Tania's Timburr Terri
    • Lux's Scyther Kite
    • ET's Sneasel Bootsie
    • Sirhan's Riolu Saladin
    • Sindre's Houndour Peaches
    • Lazarus's Espurr Church
    • Scrap's Vullaby Bones
    • Caliburn the Honedge
    • Lela the Growlithe

  • Thread of the Month: This is for the thread that you think was the best read this month. Anyone who participates in this thread will be given this award, but we ask that you don't nominate your own threads. Go out and read other people's threads! <3
    Previous Winners:
    • Bump!
    • Quick Sweep for a Dangerous Pursuit
    • Something in the water
    • homework six: familial ties
    • Research of the Sky Squirrel Pokemon
    • Becoming a Ranger
    • Mother knows Best
    • A Cry in the Dark
    • The Girl With The Snake Tattoo
    • Whit's fur ye'll no go past ye
    • Pyroar on Ice
    • Chasing Tails
    • Cat by the Tail
    • A Good Omen

  • Quote of the Month: "Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore!'" ...or something. This goes out to the best member-generated writing you saw this month! Again, don't nominate your own writing, okay?
    Previous Winners:
    • Mano del Rosario
    • Kalervo Arias
    • Alarice Jansen
    • Tweak
    • Driscoll Star
    • E.T. Crowley
    • Sirhan Saifuddin
    • Otto Klein
    • Josh Rallen
    • Lazarus Dumont
    • Z
    • Sinead MacKenna

    Below is the code you can copy for your nominations! Please provide links where necessary (threads and quotes especially), and we especially appreciate if you comment on your reasons for nominations (remember, staff makes the final assignments and your explanation might make all the difference). Anyone who puts in a nomination will get 100₽ just for participating, so get out there and find some award-worthy RP!

    [b]Member of the Month:[/b]
    [b]Character of the Month: [/b]
    [b]Duo of the Month:[/b]
    [b]Pokemon of the Month:[/b]
    [b]Thread of the Month:[/b]
    [b]Quote of the Month:[/b]

user posted image We've got a few things to go over this month! user posted image

user posted image The renovations in the Uberrime Pet Store are still underway, but it seems they've completed three new additions! Click to reveal!

    user posted imageuser posted image
    user posted image

    The Uberrime Pet Store is happy to introduce the Squeak Space, the Flight Deck, and Lizard Landing. Like with all Pokemon in the pet store, they are all domestic and fresh stock is available on the 15th of every month, so be sure to get your character in there before they change out! Stop by today to add a new addition to our household!

user posted image The Uberrime Pet Store isn't the only place adding some new things.... Click to reveal!
    While the Caecus Breeding Rings pride themselves on quality Pokemon for contests and breeding, but they also understand that sometimes our breeding don't go the way we plan and breeders end up with Pokemon that are difficult to sell. That doesn't mean they don't deserve good homes! So they've opened the Adoption Center just for these cases! Be sure to check them out and maybe bring home a Pokemon in need of a loving family!

user posted image Some of the market places around Ho'ohiki are proud to welcome the Hawlucha Siblings! Click to reveal!

user posted image It seems the shiny Delibird is back and his sack is full of eggs for everyone! Click to reveal!
    Christmas in July is upon us again and looks like the shiny Delibird has decided to rain his gifts down upon us! The event is simple and every member gets to participate!

    Each member will post three eggs they wish to receive. You may ask for two commons and one rare. A mod will roll to see which one you will get! If you don't know specifically what you would like or you want a little surprise in your life, feel free to let us generate a random one for you. It can be as broad as one random rare egg to a little more specific like one random common fairy-type egg or one random field group egg.

user posted image Last but now least, the Lighthouse have some new starters and it seems the swarms are back! user posted image

user posted image Check out the new starters at Professor Coral's Lighthouse this month! Click to reveal!
    user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
    Professor Coral has a new batch of beautiful starters to choose from! From now on, any thread made to get a Pokemon will see this bunch of adorable Pokemon to choose from!

user posted image Check out our newest JULY-AUGUST swarms! Click to reveal!
    The SWARMS are back! There's a huge chance of encountering these Pokemon if a Swarm is happening, and often in large groups. If you see a Pokemon you like, now's the chance to go hunting for them! These swarms will only last two months, so get them while you can!

    user posted image
    WIGGLYTUFF have been swept away to Niveus Pass!
    Wigglytuff can inflate themselves up to 20 times larger, making it possible for them float and bounce.

    It seems that a large group of Wigglytuff got carried away with a little competition to see who could inflate the biggest. While this within itself is not an issue, a sudden wind storm that swept through carried the far beyond their territory and north to the Pass.

    user posted image
    PRINPLUP are invading Uberrime's shores.
    Prinplup are very prideful Pokemon, and don't often travel together in groups. Some situations, however, require exceptions to be made.

    Looks like the Prinplups have been forced out of their home territory by another Pokemon, causing them to travel south around the island from their icy waters to Uberrime's harbor. Some are even being pushed into the city to look for food and have formed small bands for protection against the shining city's native electric types.

    user posted image
    SCRAFTY are up to no good in Okeanos!
    Scafty can protect itself while attacking by pulling up on the the loose skin around its waist.

    A gang of Scrafty have decided they've had quite enough of Piscari and want to try their luck in a easier place. The tourist town and only hub for other region traffic seems the perfect place to set up camp and cause some trouble.

    user posted image
    JELLICENT are filling Hudor Reef's waters!
    Jellicent can absorb seawater and project it from its head, which lets it move forward in the sea.

    The depths of deluge are dangerous and wrought with peril, only the largest and most vicious of Pokemon surviving. A very successful breeding season has left the newly evolved Jellicent with few souls to feed on, so they have migrated to easier waters in hopes of finding a more sustainable resource.

    user posted image
    WHIRLIPEDE have escaped into Caecus!
    Whirlipede remains motionless while storing energy for evolution, but will move to stab approaching predators with its poisonous spikes.

    A bug enthusiast has moved to Caecus, but while getting settled in it seems that his massive collection of Venipede have escaped! Being in the city of fairies, the insects have quite the advantage over the local Pokemon and most of them have been able to evolve.

    user posted image
    LARVITAR emerging from their secret caves along the Ten-Thousand Steps!
    It grows by consuming soil, and will enter its pupal stage upon eating an entire mountain's worth of earth.

    In an effort to eat enough soil so that they may evolve, a group of Larvitar have slowly made their way north. They now find themselves on the rocky incline of the mountain with less soil and more rock than they anticipated.

    user posted image It's time for our the site-wide raffle! Click to reveal![LIST]Thanks to our generous donators, we've instituted a site-wide raffle that anyone can enter! Congratulations to June's Raffle winner Ash! This month's Raffle has a wonderful prize...

    The raffle is ending on July 15th, so get on this for a chance to win!

user posted image Looking for some reading material? Why not check out this month's thread spotlights? Click to reveal!
    Below are some threads that our staff has picked out to showcase. If you have suggestions for future thread spotlights, message Celebi with the links.

    Fire-Forged -- It’s never good news when Uberrime Ranger Sirhan Saifuddin gets called in to the sargeant’s office. This time is no exception. It’s not as bad as it could be, however. Sirhan is being assigned to an undercover mission to help the Uberrime Police bring down a ring of human traffickers he’s had a run in with before--and he’s not going to be allowed to bring his preferred back up with him. Even in the early planning stages tensions run high between rangers and cops and there’s even friction within Sirhan’s own team, with Sonnehilda put out she won’t be allowed to participate and Srikandi not sure of her own ability. A mysterious political figure who wants to have a chat with Sirhan before the mission only adds new wrinkles. Will the traffickers finally be brought down? What part does this Haines have to play? How many ways will Sirhan’s latest mission go catastrophically wrong? Who do his fellow rangers talk to to place their bets on how many bones Saiffudin breaks this go ‘round? Follow this ongoing solo thread to keep up with all the action!

    Where We Will, We'll Roam -- Content warning: Racism That Ichiro Hitsubaki is a bit of a sucker for a dog in need is a massive understatement, as any of the staff at the Uberrime Pokemon Rescue Center can tell you. So when they have a new arrival with a very particular form of aggression that they need help desensitizing, they’re quick to enlist him. Davy Jones, a unique variety of Poochyena taught to hate people of color by his first owner, at first wants nothing more than to tear into this insolent stranger. The damaged dog immediately becomes a passion project for Hiro, and the ranger hauls himself to the UPRC daily to feed the dual type and gradually work at changing his opinions of people who look different from the one who raised him. Hiro’s patient devotion is endearing, and his careful reading of canine body language makes the communication between them flow in both directions even without the benefit of a link--though Torm has a few things to say when he gets to meet the delinquent his trainer has been investing so much time and energy in. Will Hiro manage to win over the aggressive Davy? Will his famously bad luck outweigh his training ability and get him mauled? Most importantly, will a lonely and confused Pokemon find a home that understands him and loves him despite his faults? Check out Pledge’s longest and most detailed adoption solo to date to see for yourself!

    Forced Labor -- Choy is not happy. He is, at Z’s request, bringing his Croagunk, Sugar, to teach Toxic to a Ralts belonging to the poacher’s favorite person: the Fabio of the Pits himself, Liam Byron. Liam greets Z’s old friend with smiles and candy and no sarcasm whatsoever, which Choy receives with rolled eyes before getting straight to the business of the move tutor. While Sugar, in her own methodical, entertainingly vague way, explains the process of generating and expelling toxins to Erzsebet, the two men talk about their shared family and find more in common than they might have realized. Will Liam suss out that there was something fishy about his first meeting with the poacher? Will these two actually start to like each other? Will Angel the Eelektrik eat the adorable Furfrou puppy or the smug frog out of spite? Find out here!

    Lost are Those Who Wonder Alone -- Baker Aureliusz Volkov and his faithful companion Kazimierz the Ralts are up late, catching up on custom orders. Their work finally done, all the duo have left to do before heading to bed is to take out the trash. Propping the door open to light his way, the specialist steps out into the alley only to get an eerie feeling. One of the stray Snubbull pups he feeds darts out of the shadows, spooked. Only then do man and Ralts notice something watching from the darkness, something intense that gives the Feelings Pokemon a vibe of fear turned dangerous. Aureliusz tries to calm the creature down by offering to feed it, but something about the offer clearly doesn’t sit quite right with the beast. It starts to back away, apparently intending to flee...until Aure’s typical luck kicks in and the suspicious Pokemon slips on a piece of junk and is spooked--right through the open door and into the kitchen of Fairy Cakes, snatching up the Snubbull pup on the way and unleashing utter chaos on the meticulous baker’s orderly workspace. Where did this strange Pokemon come from, and why is it so distrustful of humans? Will Aure and Kaz be able to rescue the Snubbull and coax the monster back out into the darkness? Will the kitchen ever be the same? Will Caecus have to do without its favorite treats in the morning? Read this ongoing thread to find out!

    Stand Up and Take a Bow -- Content warning: Reference to child abuse and gun violence. Still nursing a broken arm courtesies of an angry dragon and fresh from a traumatic encounter with a gun-wielding man posing as a Hoenn ranger, Valrun Black is a bit nervous to head out onto Quod Galea. Fortunately he isn’t alone--Keandre Travere is with him, there to entertain and distract the boy from his anxiety as well as keep an eye on him in case danger should come knocking again. They settle on a hill with a contingent of Pokemon and an egg each. Kean takes some time to show off some tricks with Nova while Val watches and the other Pokemon play. The conversation makes its way from eggs and broken bones to an emotional heart to heart about Pokemon-trainer relationships and the things we do to protect those we love. All the while, their various companions cavort charmingly, providing a cheerful background. When they head back toward town, Keandre announces he has a gift for the boy. What’s the mystery gift? Will Val keep the baby soon to hatch from his egg? Will trouble find them, or will their day on Quod Galea stay safe? Check out this ongoing thread to see how Valrun’s support system continues to grow!

    Le Parfum des Fleurs -- As many an introvert will surely tell you, making friends is a difficult task - something that Aureliusz Volkov knows all too well. In the year he’s been in Caecus, he’d made few close friends - that is, until he met Matilda Bellerose by chance when he walked into her flower shop one day. A stroke of sheer luck on his part has only gotten luckier, with Matilda keen to introduce him to her oldest and dearest friend, Keandre Travere. The pair take the Sinnoh-native ice skating, a Caecus winter tradition, and Aureliusz is quick to ask for forgiveness, just in case he’s not quite up to par after being off the ice for a few months. It quickly becomes apparent that Aureliusz is a little troll, as he seems to find a grace on the ice that evades him on solid ground, and a race between the three ends in his favour (though it certainly helps that Matilda is distracted by a handsome hero on shiny skates). Not one to let such deception go unpunished, Keandre puts on his most charming smile (and goodness, who wouldn’t fall in love with a smile like that?) and proceeds to - literally - sweep Aure off his skates, much to Matilda’s amusement. Will Aureliusz be able to resist that charming smile? Will they make a lap around the rink without another incident? You’ll have to read to find out! This is an ongoing thread, so be sure to check back for updates!

    You're Never Gonna Keep Me Down -- Content Warning: child manhandling, references to kidnapping and child trafficking, excessive language Even the most experienced street kids aren’t invincible - a terrifying fact that Scrap finds herself painfully reminded of after a traumatic encounter with some potential kidnappers. Fortunately, she escapes their clutches, but the encounter has left its mark in the form of nightmares that leave the pre-teen waking in a cold sweat. Her worried team do their best to calm her down, with moderate success. Despite her ordeal, Scrap insists on heading to work, much to Scratch - her newly evolved Liepard’s - dismay. Unfortunately, a determined Scrap isn’t about to be talked out of her decision, which finds the blonde drifting anxiously through the crowds in Uberrime’s pit fights and on the wrong side of a fighter’s bad attitude. Fortunately, Liam Byron, resident pit-master and Scrap’s employer-slash-honorary-big-brother steps in to quell the tension before the fighter can do anything he’d regret. With the crisis averted, Liam decides to give Scrap a stern talking to about picking fights with exorbitantly large men with exorbitantly large egos (while conceding that yes, the guy is an a**hole). Things quickly take a turn for the worse however when Scrap’s vulnerability is once again placed in the spotlight, and memories of that traumatic encounter come flooding back, leaving it up to Liam to calm her - or rather, him - down. Will Liam manage to calm the traumatized Scrap? Will the truth of the encounter come to light? You’ll have to read to find out! This is an ongoing thread, so be sure to check back for updates!

    ; when you've been fighting for it all your life -- Caecus is full of culture, and with it comes interesting events that draw huge - or, at least impressive - crowds. Today’s event was no different; despite the dreary weather, the unofficial contest had drawn an impressive crowd. Among them were Valrun Black (and his ever-present companion, Lela the Growlithe) and Keandre Travere, accompanied of course by his valiant steed (well, maybe not quite yet) Nova the Blitzle. When Valrun admits that he isn’t familiar with the contest rules, Keandre is more than happy to fill him in on the ins and outs of Pokemon Contests. Ever the observant sort, Keandre is quick to notice Valrun’s discomfort when a Poliwag takes to the stage, and correctly surmises that the boy isn’t comfortable around water types. After the performances, Keandre decides to introduce Valrun to the Pokemon supply store near the market, a store known for its unique fish Pokemon, particularly Magikarp. Will Valrun work up the courage to step foot inside the store, despite knowing it’s full of water types? Will his fear of water types only be reinforced by the experience? You’ll need to read to find out! This is an ongoing thread, so be sure to check back for updates!

    In Pursuit of Scariness -- Content Warning Mentions of guns and gun violence Unaffiliated Ranger Samuel Pandev really needs to invest in a leash for his Totodile. The excitable (and a little bitey) water type is a ball of energy at the best of times, and she isn’t afraid to make a run for it when given the chance! Unfortunately, she’s also quick to try and make new friends - by biting them. Lela the Growlithe is her latest unfortunate victim, much to the horror of her trainer Valrun Black, who proceeds to kick the little water type with impressive force. Luckily, Sam doesn’t take offense to the boy’s bout of protective violence, even if he’s not entirely sure how to deal with the nearly hysterical boy at first. So he offers to buy him some apology tea - seems fair, right? Valrun’s suspicions are raised again when Sam admits to being a ranger, a previous encounter with a self-proclaimed ranger still at the forefront of the boy’s mind, but he’s quickly distracted by the novelty of an underground cafe. That doesn’t keep the perceptive boy from noticing Sam’s attempts at flirting with the barista, and the two get to talking about their lives and their misadventures on Quod Galea. Will Valrun and Sam part ways as friends? Will Valrun make it back to Caecus in one piece? You’ll have to read to find out! This is an ongoing thread, so be sure to check back for updates!

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