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>  Pokémon PLEDGE: Spring is Coming!, MARCH 5th, 2018
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 Shafaer posted at Mar 5 2018, 05:33 AM
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user posted image SPRING IS COMING, AND PLEDGE IS BLOOMING! user posted image

Just wow! There is so much going on in this news posts! Of course, we have our OTMs for the month plus some other fun announcements! We're excited to cut the ribbons on two shelters opening their doors in Ho'ohiki. We also want to congratulate the moderators that have been promoted up the chain and those that have joined the team. We're thrilled to have them! In addition, we've updated and added some new sections to the Guidebook, forums, and rules for Interaction claims. The next raffle is up and ready for sign-ups! And lastly, but certainly not least, don't forget to check out the new starters for the Light House and new swarms gathering across the region.

user posted image What's this? It seems that our monthly OTM winners have been announced! Click to reveal!
Last month we asked everyone to submit suggestions for who we should pick for the Of The Month awards... and now, it's time to reveal the winners of February's Of The Month spotlight!
    user posted image February's member of the month is..!
    Piprika is a very active and friendly member. She's around the Discord and more than happy to chat with anyone and to help them feel included in the conversation. She has a number of characters and more than happy to plot with all who are interested. She's supportive when people are having a bad day, even when hers hasn't been great either. Her quick paced posting is both entertaining and great for those looking for a faster moving thread. She is an enthusiastic member and we're happy to have her!

    user posted image February's duo of the month is..!
    This pair make an interesting dynamic of the confident Sindre Lerat and the serious and literal Sun Rhyu. Sindre's ease moving through the world around him helps push the socially anxious Ranger out of his comfort zone and better able to witness the world around them. They first meet in the Odonton Ranger Station when Sindre is looking for a bit of relief from the persistent snow and cold of the mountain town in A Little Sunshine. There's an immediate attraction from the Traditionalist toward the Ranger, who isn't quite sure what to do with the flirting. But like all relationships, they require some work. After an awkward situation in Odonton, Sun pays Sindre a visit for the two work through the problem with communication (like adults--you go boys!) in Snow Bunny (CW: Adult undertones/jokes). Later, Sin decides to pay the mountain another visit and has to call his boyfriend for assistance when he gets lost. Fortunately, being a Ranger, Sun is able to find him and the two take refuge in a cave for the incoming storm in Popsicle (CW: Adult undertones/jokes). Follow along as these two get to know each other and grow as both a couple and individuals.

    user posted image February's quote of the month is..!

    Poor Otto. It's hard to look intimidating when you're tall but terribly thin. What he lacks in mass he makes up for attitude. Wanna see what has Otto all flustered and wanting to throw is less-than-impressive weight around? Check him out here! (CW: Cursing)

    user posted image February's thread of the month is..!
    A drunken night out at the bar leads Fergus Dae-Ho skulking down the dankest alley downtown Uberrime has to offer in search of a job with a man he isn’t even sure has the funds to make it worth his time, but desperate times calls for desperate measures, and you don’t get more desperate than asking local hellion and federal disaster zone, Cuan Breslin for a nine-to-fiver! Cuan, drunk as a skunk and nursing a concussion barely remembers the meeting but through a lively conversation requiring a translator and possible a few aspirin to comprehend, the two hit it off and attempt to chisel out a deal over breakfast, hopefully one which means Cuan spends less time self-medicating and more time stomping a mudhole in crimes that slip past the law’s fingers! What will the future hold for these rag-tag compatriots? (CW: Cursing)

    user posted image February's Pokémon of the month is..!
    Peaches is a happy happy girl! Her enthusiasm for anything and everything in life leaves her practically vibrating with energy as her little nub almost never stops wiggling. Sometimes her excitement gets the best of her, resulting in a barrage of yips and barks to express her delight with life. However, when really needed, she can stamp down the excess of enthusiasm to assist Sindre when he needs it, from helping him find his way with her nose and even trying to sweep the shop he works in with a broom!

    user posted image February's character of the month is..!
    Ichiro Hitsubaki is an Uberrime Ranger originally from Johto. He's a handsome man who is very aware of that fact and takes great lengths to ensure his body stays at peek condition with hours at the gym every day. He's conscious of his personal style of artfully(or ratty as some would insist) torn jeans and tanks typically sporting hilarious slogans--so much so that he'll neglect proper clothing even in the face of Ho'ohiki's harsh winter. Hiro is generally laid back, but when it comes to a fight it's all or nothing as this red-headed demon throws himself in with reckless abandon. Outside of his Ranger duties, he enjoys spending time at Uberrime's ranger hangout the Sacred Sword with a glass of whiskey and witty company. He also takes pleasure in playing the piano and singing. While he can look intimidating, he's pretty easy to talk to so long as you don't immediately rub him the wrong way (not an easy thing to do). He doesn't always follow everything by the book, but his heart and intentions are in the right place.

user posted image It's time for our OTM nominations, so please submit by the 20th of March! Click to reveal!See bellow for how to suggest your favorite things for this month! Anyone can nominate, and even if you send in just one nomination or a whole handful, you'll receive 100 poke for participating!

What is an OTM? These are special awards given out every month! For the entire next month, the winners will be showcased right above our Affiliate Section, as well as given an award in their miniprofiles. It's our way of saying: "Hot dang look at our beautiful members let's let them know how fantastic they are."

Nominating: There are six categories up for nomination this month! We ask that you PM your choices to Celebi by the 20th of March so that staff can pick the winners and get everything set up for the April news post!

OtMs can only be earned once per category each year. If a character wins CotM, they can't be picked for CotM until next year! However, you may nominate as much as you like, and even send more than one PM if you think or find new things to nominate.


  • Member of the Month: This can be any member! MotM should be given to those who are active, friendly and engaging with the community. We ask that you don't nominate yourself, of course. Here's a list of all our members! Not including staff, of course.
    Previous Winners:
    • Matt
    • Shafaer
    • Takarra
    • Eranda
    • Rotenda
    • Scath
    • Sloth
    • Oniwanbashu
    • Piprika

  • Character of the Month: This can be any character. CotM should be given to characters who provide interesting dynamics, are active in threads, and in general are fun to read. We ask that you don't nominate your own character, of course. Here's a list of all our characters!
    Previous Winners:
    • Teagan Ashley
    • Ethan Porter
    • Fred Green
    • Yeong Ji Woo
    • David Dedrick
    • Barrett Callaghan
    • Sirhan Saifuddin
    • Sebastian Santora
    • Ichiro Hitsubaki

  • Duo of the Month: This category is given to the pair of characters that everyone just enjoys reading together. Whether they're family, friends, rivals or anything else; we just love reading these two together. If there's a third character who needs mentioning, we might just make it trio of the month on occasion.
    Previous Winners:
    • Ash&Leo
    • King&Adam
    • Crispin&Benjamin
    • James&Alexis
    • Jago&Jewel
    • Bill&Marina
    • Frank&Annika
    • Akiko&Tiny!Ethan
    • Sun Rhyu/Sindre Lerat

  • Pokemon of the Month: This is for any Pokemon who really stood out this month. This award is given to the character who is partners with that Pokemon for simplicity sake. This might be a bit more difficult to decide on, but you can volunteer your own Pokemon if you like.
    Previous Winners:
    • Hikaru's Butterfree Flitter
    • Ethan's Snubbull Queenie
    • Alfred's Kangaskhan Big Momma
    • Barrett's Mawile Sugar
    • Tania's Timburr Terri
    • Lux's Scyther Kite
    • ET's Sneasel Bootsie
    • Sirhan's Riolu Saladin
    • Sindre's Houndour Peaches

  • Thread of the Month: This is for the thread that you think was the best read this month. Anyone who participates in this thread will be given this award, but we ask that you don't nominate your own threads. Go out and read other people's threads! <3
    Previous Winners:
    • Bump!
    • Quick Sweep for a Dangerous Pursuit
    • Something in the water
    • homework six: familial ties
    • Research of the Sky Squirrel Pokemon
    • Becoming a Ranger
    • Mother knows Best
    • A Cry in the Dark
    • The Girl With The Snake Tattoo
    • Whit's fur ye'll no go past ye

  • Quote of the Month: "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!" Or something. This goes out to best dialogue this month, but can be used for any piece of writing on the site. Again, don't nominate your own writing, okay?
    Previous Winners:
    • Adam Savalas
    • Mano del Rosario
    • Kalervo Arias
    • Alarice Jansen
    • Tweak
    • Driscoll Star
    • E.T. Crowley
    • Sirhan Saifuddin
    • Otto Klein

    Bellow is the code you can copy for your nominations! Please provide links where necessary (threads and quotes especially) and we especially appreciate if you comment your reasons for nominations. Anyone who puts in a nomination will get 100₽ just for participating, so get out there!

    [b]Member of the Month:[/b]
    [b]Character of the Month: [/b]
    [b]Duo of the Month:[/b]
    [b]Pokemon of the Month:[/b]
    [b]Thread of the Month:[/b]
    [b]Quote of the Month:[/b]

user posted image Just like the blooming of flowers in Spring, a bunch of new plans have started to blossom here on PLEDGE! user posted image

user posted image [MUSIC] Sometimes Pokemon are abandoned by their trainers, but you can make a difference! Click to reveal!
    Both Okeanos Town and Uberrime City have launched their own shelters/rescues for abandoned, injured, or otherwise rehabilitated Pokemon! These places run a bit differently compared to the usual pet stores, and often have unique, rare, or disabled Pokemon for adoption. The differences are outlined bellow, as well as in their threads:

    Best Friends Pokemon Shelter, run by Haru in Okeanos Town is devoted toward rehoming abandoned starter or young Pokemon. Pokemon in this shelter are between the levels of 1-10, including eggs, and only members who have been on PLEDGE for less than 4 months can adopt Pokemon from here. However, there is also no fee. If you want to adopt a Pokemon from this Shelter, you have to make a 20 post thread interacting and bonding with the Pokemon.

    Uberrime Pokemon Rescue Center, run by Officer Matt Harlon in Uberrime City is a non-profit organization run by the city's Ranger HQ. They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome at-risk Pokemon, and while Pokemon from the Rescue Center are certainly unique, they each present their own challenges and needs that are individual to each Pokemon. There is a fee for adoption, in addition to the adopter having to make a 10 post thread interacting and bonding with the Pokemon.

    Both of these shelters will be updated with more Pokemon over time! We are really excited to offer this opportunity, and hope everyone loves the idea as much as we do.

user posted image We've revamped the Locales page of the Guidebook to be more useful! Click to reveal!
    We've re-organized the Locales page to include handy links, some fun trivia, and so much more! Hopefully this page will be a bit more helpful in figuring out where you want your characters to be from, though most of the information is recycled from the board descriptions.

    Plus, it just looks a lot nicer, don't you think?

    Eventually, we'll probably include more detailed information on each of the Routes and Places of Interest, including what Pokemon live there, and more information about the habitats! Expect this page in general to get more and more filled out as time goes on, as this is a really nice way to organize information about areas.

    Also, as a heads up some of the links don't redirect anywhere yet, but that's just because we haven't posted the relevant thread yet. (A lot of the lore/npc threads are still a wip, as Matt primarily works on those and he's been super busy with school!) We hope you like what's posted so far, though.

user posted image We have a new subforum in plotting for advertising your Pokemon for breeding! Click to Reveal!
    As breeders begin to have fully fledged team rosters ready for breeding, and the breeding rings in Caecus take off, we've decided that having a place for members to advertise their breedable Pokemon would be a good idea. Check out the Breeder Alley for more information, and if you're looking for that rare Eevee or want to breed a grass type growlithe, you might just find the people you need here!

    We highly encourage anyone who might be interested in breeding with other trainers to buy a kennel and start using this forum. The more Pokemon listed as available, the more this will be used, and the better for everyone's business and plotting potential!! Also, I really want to start designing hybridized Pokemon so let's GO!

user posted image We have a bunch of new updates in preparation with our yearly spring cleaning! user posted image

user posted image Our Fire-Type Mods are evolving! Three cheers for Takarra and Oniwanbashu! Click to reveal!
    Mod Moltres Takarra has been an amazing moderator these past few months, and PLEDGE has weathered the big influx of new members in large part due to her help! She's evolved to GLOBAL MOD, and already she's familiarized herself with the role and helped out so many of our new mods get used to their position. Whenever one of them have a question, she's been right there!

    But that's not all, Art Mod Reshiram Oniwanbashu has stepped up to the plate to join the rest of our Wild Pokemon team! We've always adored Oni's writing as well as her art, so it's fantastic to have her join the ranks of our Wild Pokemon Moderating team! Keep an eye out for her writing in those journey threads!

user posted image Introducing our new Mods: Mod Kyogre, Mod Articuno, Mod Suicune, Mod Solgaleo, and Mod Meloetta! Click to reveal!
    Our Wild Pokemon team has expanded to include Mod Kyorge Karlos, Mod Articuno Scath, Mod Suicune Miss Basset and Mod Solgaleo Novae!

    Journey threads may take a little while to get replied to as a result, but once everyone's up and running you bet the backlog is going to get kicked back into shape! They also are doing a wonderful job helping us out with claims, and giving out gifts from the GGE, so please take a moment to thank them when you have a chance!

    Mod Solgaleo Novae has also teamed up with Mod Meloetta Penelope on the Art Team, so they're going to be helping out with Unique Quality art and more! Keep an eye out for their fantastic art.

    As one little side note, previously our moderators were paid for Wild Pokemon Posts, but not much else. As all posts are made on the Wild Pokemon account, posting there doesn't give any money to the users using the account-- this is our way of giving back to the hard working staff here on PLEDGE! From now on, we're paying our staff for updating the claims, creating art, and also just in general smothering them with all the love they deserve!

    Thank you to everyone who's applied! If we didn't take you on board, come spring we probably will see about expanding our mod team more as necessary, so sit tight! For now, we have to train all the new recruits. ;)

user posted image Details on what qualifies for a Unique Trait/Hybridization has been added to the Guidebook! Click to reveal!
    Previously, we had the details of Unique Traits memorized among the staff team, where we parroted it out to new members, but considering that anyone can just start with a Unique Trait, that seemed kind of silly. It's in the Guidebook now!

    We've also made official notes on the size Pokemon can be, as well as adding in a note about the eye color of Pokemon. You want a purple eyed Poochyena? Go right ahead! This doesn't count as a Unique Trait. We have also added the note that you can have a Pokemon with a disability where it wasn't explicitly stated before, just make sure you treat said disabilities/injuries with care and respect! As always, we want everyone to have fun here on PLEDGE, so if you have further suggestions or questions let us know.

    By the way, I'm not sure anyone's noticed yet, but the limitation on 30% color change for Unique Traits doesn't seem to apply to Hybridization... And there's rumors that unique "shinies" like Melanism or Albinoism might not be too far on the horizon! Of course, these things are pretty rare, but who knows what breeding will get you...

user posted image Rules have been updated for how the Interaction Claim works when searching for items! Click to Reveal!
    The rules have been updated for the Interaction Claim, and you can read all of the updates in the thread! Here's the changes explained in bullet point though, so it's a bit easier to digest:

    Interaction Claim
      - In order to claim an interaction thread, the character now must have at least five (5) posts, as well as the required total ten (10) post thread requirement. For example, a thread between three characters needs five posts per character, so most three character threads should be at least fifteen posts for everyone to claim.

    Changes to Searching for Items
      - A Member can only get one Searching for Items success per thread, even if they have multiple characters involved.
      - If a Member has multiple characters searching for a specific item in a thread, they are allowed one "Assist" roll.
      - Assist rolls are rolled exactly the same as a regular search roll by the mods, and the better roll is used to determine if the search was a success.
      - If a Member has 3 or more characters in a searching thread, one character may Search, another may Assist, and the rest must take a regular interaction claim. Members may forgo the assist roll and just have everyone else take the regular interaction claim.
      - Purely solo (single character) Hunting Threads receive a free "Assist".
      - Multiple members can still each get a single successful hunt roll. So it is advantageous to work together if you really want that Fire Stone-- of course, the person who succeeds may ask for a finder's fee.

user posted image Here's a reminder when it comes to Usernames and Character names! Click to Reveal!
    When creating an account for a character, we ask that the character's name showing on their miniprofile (codename) or application and the Username for the account, match. This makes it much easier for moderators to find and hand rewards or made adjustments to your account when needed.

    Example- If your character's name is Tobias Kurt (on their application), but their codename (miniprofile name) is Shadow, the Username for the account should be Tobias Kurt or Shadow, not just Tobias. If there is any confusion, please message a moderator for clarification.

Members will have 1 month from this post (April 5th, 2018), to change their character account username to follow the new guidelines. If it is not done within that time, a Moderator will do it for you.

user posted image And now for a bunch of new updates, events, and a whole lot more! user posted image

user posted image It's everyone's favorite part: the starters for March have been revealed! Click to reveal!
    user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
    Professor Coral has a new batch of beautiful starters to choose from! From now on, any thread made to get a Pokemon will see a new batch of adorable Pokemon to choose from! What's this, there's 7 Starters this month? Yep! Professor Coral got sent a pair of poison needle bunnies to give out-- just so new trainers can pick the gender they want!

user posted image Check out our newest MARCH-APRIL swarms! Click to reveal!
    New SWARMS are out! There's a huge chance of encountering these Pokemon if a Swarm is happening, and often in large groups. If you see a Pokemon you like, now's the chance to go hunting for them! These swarms will be changing by the end of the month, so get them while you can!

    user posted image
    NIDOKING are rampaging in in the Milia!
    One swing of its mighty tail can snap a telephone pole as if it were a matchstick

    A rash of shooting stars have turned the small population of Nidorino living along the beaches of the Milia to evolve! They haven't quite masted their new forms and are rather dangerous to approach.

    user posted image
    STOUTLAND are barking up a storm in Una Way!
    Its fur is long and thick. A long time ago in cold regions, every household kept a Stoutland.

    A poor quality breeder's stock of Stoutland have escaped! Now they are all over Una Way! Poor pups, its a hard life when you don't know how to live outdoors.

    user posted image
    GOLDUCK are taking baths in Lake Lebes?!
    The forelegs are webbed, helping to make it an adept swimmer. It can be seen swimming elegantly in lakes, etc.

    As temperatures begin to warm it appears a team of Golducks have changed their migration plans to spend a vacation in Lake Lebes! Hopefully they don't eat too much and decide to stay.

    user posted image
    BUDEW have sprouted in Mitis Cove!
    hen it feels the sun's warm touch, it opens its bud to release pollen. It lives alongside clear pools.

    Cozy over the coldest parts of the winter, Budew are starting to move about again as it begins to warm. Luckily their treaty with the Fairies still stand.

    user posted image
    RHYDON are mucking around in Procella Prairie!
    Rhydon's horn can crush even uncut diamonds. One sweeping blow of its tail can topple a building. This Pokémon's hide is extremely tough. Even direct cannon hits don't leave a scratch.

    Its that time of year folks! Right before the strong thunderstorms in Spring, Rhyhorns across the Prairie have Evolved to better withstand the harsh conditions. Luckily the worst that happens is them getting stuck in the mud.

    user posted image
    SERPERIOR are slithering through Lake Duo Dulcis!
    It can stop its opponents' movements with just a glare. It takes in solar energy and boosts it internally.

    To take advantage of the plentiful harvest of Pokemon present around the lake, Serperior have moved into the area for some late night snacking. Watch out! Tales say the big ones will get you too!

    The FEB-MARCH Swarms are still here! We're going to be rotating them out next month, but this way every member has two months to get their paws on the swarms they want!

    user posted image
    GARBODOR are sliming up Uberrime...AGAIN!
    Consuming garbage makes new kinds of poison gases and liquids inside their bodies.

    It appears the extremely cold weather and lack of proper snow removal has caused the trash removal services to go on strike creating a whole slew of Garbodor to roam the streets.

    user posted image
    BUTTERFREE are migrating early to Quod Galae!
    It loves the honey of flowers and can locate flower patches that have even tiny amounts of pollen.

    It appears Butterfree from Kanto have made the long journey early and have found themselves in the supremely cold weather. These Bugs don't know what to do with the cold! Help them!

    user posted image
    DARMANITAN are ever watchful in Niveus Pass!
    Its internal fire burns at 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, making enough power that it can destroy a dump truck with one punch.

    Something has awoken the guardians of the ruins and now the wander the snow covered slopes, anxiously looking for the source of their concerns.

    user posted image
    MUDBRAY are being born all across the Bends!
    Possessing mighty power, Mudbray can be loaded with 50 times its own body weight and will be totally fine.

    Despite the chill Mudbray are being born in the Bends. There are dozens, possibly two hundred of the babies roaming in tight knit herds. Rounding up one away from its family will be quite the rodeo.

    user posted image
    TYPE: NULL are stalking the streets of-- Caecus Town?!
    Due to the danger that this synthetic Pokémon may go on a rampage, it wears a control mask to restrain its power.

    While a few of these Pokemon have roamed Ho'ohiki from unknown sources it appears Caecus Town is seeing dozens of these strange and aggressive Pokemon. Rumors are underground researchers and breeders to blame, a criminal organization behind them. Either way everyone wants these dangers gone before they cause serious problems to the populace.

    user posted image
    Shuppet are haunting Aduro Pass!
    Shuppet is attracted by feelings of jealousy and vindictiveness. If someone develops strong feelings of vengeance, this Pokémon will appear in a swarm and line up beneath the eaves of that person’s home.

    The vindictive nature of the Shuppet and the deaths of so many Pokemon due to volcano have resulted in a swarm of the Ghosts along the Pass, preventing entrance of more trainers as they feed upon them and the dark emotions of the angry Pokemon that remain.

user posted image It's time for our the site-wide raffle! Click to reveal!
    Thanks to our generous donators, we've instituted a site-wide raffle that anyone can enter! This month's Raffle is a double raffle! Enter for two chances to win for the price of one!

    Increased Link Capacity for One Character of your choice! This will permanently increase the number of Pokemon your trainer can link with, to the usual cap of 6! If you win this raffle entry, please put the code given to you in your Level and Link claim so mods know you have won this raffle in the future!

    - OR -
    A magnificent 'Art Pack' including a Site Avatar, a Pokemon Art, and Trainer & VS Sprites! You will have to pick a Character and a Pokemon if you win this! Please note this raffle entry may take a while to be completed, as the art has to be made after we know who the winner is.

    The raffle is ending on March 18th, so get on this for a chance to win!

user posted image Looking for some reading material? Why not check out today's thread spotlights? Click to reveal!
    Below are some threads that our Staff has picked out to showcase. If you have suggestions for future thread spotlights, message Shafaer with the links.

    Lost Innocence -- A little dragon lost on the snow-choked streets of Uberrime City one night attracts the attention of none more than E.T Crowley and the search for Srikandi's partner leads her to a shoplot hiding a dark secret, one which Sirhan Saifuddin and Saladin are feeling the full wrath of in its basements! Uberrime City is as notorious for its crime rate as it is well-known for its technological achievements, and it doesn't get murkier than the bussiness of live cargo! Will our heroes make it to daylight? This thread is ONGOING so be sure to check back!
    CONTENT WARNING: Child Trafficking, Torture & Violence.

    Puppers gonna FIGHT! -- After a rocky first meeting, battle lines are drawn in the sand as Samuel Pandev and Ichiro Hitsubaki face off in a show of egos, attempting to one-up each other through their faithful canine compatriots. With drinks on the line, the battle begins although Sam's smart mouth threatens to throw off Ichiro from the get-go! The flaming redhead gives as good as he gets however and pretty soon both Rangers are involved in a Sassminton match between themselves while their pups dole out punishment, but Torben's strength becomes too much for Tormaigh and Ichiro concedes defeat. With a night at the pubs ahead, one can only imagine the kind of trouble Uberrime's finest will get into!

    Sarah McLahan is playing in the background -- Samuel Pandev's search for a new team mate brings him to one of the city's Ranger-run shelters where he runs into a much more intriguing prospect; A surly, pajamas-scrub-wearing volunteer named Otto Klein who seems to be one bite away from going postal on the shelter's inhabitants. Under the guise of seeking a potential adoptee, Samuel engages in a little on-the-clock flirting which chips down Otto's shields and before he knows what's happening, the normally-guarded Ranger finds himself playing right into Samuel's hands and agreeing to dinner with a complete stranger! Has Otto finally found his match in a man as full of himself as he is?
    CONTENT WARNING: Innuendo, Implied sexual content

    Special Delivery -- Z--having taken on the guise of Choy--is having a rather crappy day. When a hired hand flakes, he has to make the trip to Uberrime to deliver some Pokemon for the fighting pits there. Not in the best of vehicles for driving across the snow covered Ho'ohiki (and having to deal with a nosy brat), he's in a foul mood. Liam--known as the Pyroar as the Pits--was having a great day, until he pulls back the tarp to find a bloody and shivering teenager in one of the cages. How is the fighter going to react? Can he get Choy to cooperate? What's going to happen to Akiko and Techu? Read to find out!
    CONTENT WARNING: Foul language (lots of swearing guys), Child Kidnapping, Emotional Trauma to a child

    The First Snow -- Scrap wakes up in the Woman's and Children's shelter in Uberrime to snow on the ground. It's the first snow of the season which means it's her birthday (the only thing she remembers about her birthday was there was snow)! She decides to bundle up and take her Pokemon out for a treat to celebrate. The street kids makes her way through Uberrime, running into and witnessing the people of the shining city (see if you can't spot your character!). Follow along with Scrap while she celebrates her twelve birthday.

    On Thin Ice -- Scrap is doing her thing gathering information for Lupo to help crack down on the illegal trade of stolen Pokemon. She follows a lead into a warehouse where Liam is ripping the guy she'd been tailing a new one for being late. The girl settles in, phone at the ready, to gather some evidence when she's spotted by the giant man's Honedge. Caught, her thought is to abort the mission, but she finds herself blocked by the possessed sword and then in the hands of the Pyroar of the Pits. Will she managed to get out of another dangerous situation? Or has her luck finally run out? And what of the man who lead her there?
    CONTENT WARNING: Foul language, Child Man-Handling

    A Trope in Motion -- ’Tis the winter season, which means it’s time to go shopping for all manner of gifts. It seems that Samual Pandev and Matilda Bellerose had the same idea, and even the same taste in gifts; a brief brush of the fingers while reaching for the same ornament sets off fireworks right away between these two! Ever the charmer, and never one to miss an opportunity, Sam takes his chance to invite Matilda for coffee. But it’s Matilda who takes the lead in this flirty little dance! Will they or won’t they? You’ll need to read to find out!
    CONTENT WARNING: Innuendo, implied sexual content

    Hot like Burning -- Sometimes, luck just isn’t on your side. This is something that Ichiro Hitsubaki knows all too well, and it seems he’s decided to share his bad luck with fellow ranger Sun Rhyu on this particular day. When Sun’s partner Sindre Lerat decides to surprise him with a visit, he’s met with quite the lackluster reaction, and things only get worse from there when Ichiro, oblivious to the pair’s relationship, makes the mistake of flirting with Sindre. What kind of reaction will Ichiro’s faux pass garner from the normally stoic Odonton ranger? Will he be leaving Odonton with more than just fond memories? Follow along to find out!

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