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>  Pokémon PLEDGE: Happy Holidays!, DECEMBER 11th, 2017
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 Shafaer posted at Dec 12 2017, 04:52 AM
Quote ❝❞
user posted image

user posted image HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! user posted image
That's right, it's that special time of year when festivities are abound and boy oh boy do we have so many gifts to give out in today's news post! We have new awards, new moderators, new lore and events on the horizon, and even more!

user posted image What's this? It seems that our monthly OTM winners have been announced! Click to reveal!
Two weeks ago we asked everyone to submit suggestions for who we should pick for the Of The Month awards... and now, it's time to reveal the winners of November's Of The Month spotlight!
    user posted image November's member of the month is..!
    Sloth, or Percy, has practically kept this entire site up on their shoulders these last few months-- PLEDGE wouldn't be the same without them! We had a lot of nominations for members of the month this month, but Percy was right at the top of the heap-- and for good reason! Percy's always around to answer questions and chat basically as long as they're awake, and with over TWENTY CHARACTERS to roleplay with, on top of being a fantastic Wild Pokemon moderator, Percy has something for everyone! With beloved favorites like David, Ethan and North, my personal loves Glenn and Gale, and big nasties like Azazel, and so many more, they have a huge array of amazing characters-- and you can bet they're making more. They're always making more. Someone start a therapy group for character creators anonymous because Percy needs it! But more seriously, thank you so much to Percy for drawing in so many wonderful members by being the first face most people meet! You've done a lot for the site, including running amazing events like the Lore Contest and the great Gift Giveaway Extravaganza!

    user posted image November's duo of the month is..!
    These two met out in the middle of the Procella Plains, both a bit frazzled-- with Annika a bit exhausted from an encounter with a poacher and Frank definitely lost, this pair met under strained circumstances but... Well, Annika at the very least seemed to find Frank's clueless antics amusing, so there was that! Their personalities rift off of each other, and it's no surprise that once Annika reached Uberrime, where Frank was stationed, she stopped by to say hi! Of course, front-desk-guy had to go and make it all weird, but the pair of them hit it off like they had been friends for years-- and it's just so refreshing to see two people get along so well. Although the pair of them live completely different life styles, you can just tell that them catching up every once and a while is always going to be a breath of fresh air, and that's just what's so great about this Duo of the Month!

    user posted image November's quote of the month is..!

    You might have noticed we had another QOTM for a while, but the previous quote was heavily inspired by Terry Pratchett, so we've given Crow QOTM for a more original quote of hers! - Crow's writing is absolutely wonderful, full of vibrant descriptions and metaphors, and with colorful characters like ET and Bootsie, it's an absolute treat to read every last one of her posts (seriously, go through all of ET's thread sometime, you will not regret it!) One of our favorite things are the unique lines that come from ET, and all of the precious sounds that Bootsie makes. An absolute treat to read, we had plenty of choices to pick from for QOTM this month!

    user posted image November's thread of the month is..!
    Words cannot adequately describe this thread... Well, except for the ones written inside! Quod Vorago is probably the creepiest, best place to have a journey thread if you want to put your characters through a bad time-- and Sirhan is certainly asking for it, traveling there in the dark! Of course, he's there for a good reason, hunting down some trespassers on the island. Maybe a missing child? Whatever the case, there's certainly some spooky, not-quite-there, ghost story inspiring spooks haunting about in the corner of Sirhan's vision, and the ranger and his trusty Riolu companion are going to have to be careful or end up another victim of the island's supposed curses! We're all rooting for you, Sirhan! Please don't die!!

    user posted image November's Pokémon of the month is..!
    Hooboy. Bootsie, Bootsie, Bootsie. The weird lump of fur and slinky that keeps making strange burp-parping noises, with buggy eyes that don't quite fixate properly... Everyone either loves or is highly concerned with Bootsie on site, but her owner ET Crowley loves her just the same-- it's the kind of face that only a mother could love, huh? But we love her all the same, and there's no other Sneasel that could take her spot! She's adorable, weird, and positively... Unique? We may not have any idea what weird breeding disaster ended up creating her, but we're so glad she has a loving home, and moreover-- we're so glad to have her cheerful, parpy rolling body tumbling all over PLEDGE! (Just be careful what you say about her, because she has quite the fan community willing to murder for her at this point.)

    user posted image November's character of the month is..!
    Sirhan Saifuddin is only two months old on the site, but this character has well over ONE HUNDRED posts already, and there's definitely a reason why Oniwanbashu was nominated in every category this month! Sirhan is an amazing ranger, and likely quick to rise to the top of the ranks in Uberrime's Ranger department, if you've had any character interested in Uberrime or the Ranger stations recently, you've probably caught wind of this guy. He used to run in the pokemon pit fighting rings with his loyal Houndoom, at least until it all went south just when he wanted to quit for good-- the Houndoom didn't make it out of the rings alive, but he turned himself into the rangers and practically tore down dozens of rings by becoming their mole, saving little Saladin in the process! After serving his time in prison, he's now a full fledged Ranger, and with his Riolu at his side, the pair of them are invaluable assets to the Ranger Station in Uberrime. Here's hoping that someday they can take down the pit fighting rings for good-- but hey, why not check out Oni's plotter and see what your characters can do with this amazing guy just starting his redemption arc in life?

user posted image Whether you like the winter time or not, PLEDGE has something for everyone to celebrate! <3 user posted image

user posted image Are you ready for gifts and goodies? Say hello to these fantastic new awards! Click to reveal!
    A new month, and a handful of new awards! You probably can claim a few of these already. ;)

Procella Ranger Badge
Procella Ranger Badge

Awarded to active duty Procella Prarie Rangers.

Uberrime Ranger Badge
Uberrime Ranger Badge

Awarded to active duty Uberrime City Rangers.

Odonton Ranger Badge
Odonton Ranger Badge

Awarded to active duty Odonton City Rangers.

Stipes Warden Badge
Stipes Warden Badge

Awarded to active duty Stipes City Wardens.

    The following awards can only be obtained for Rangers who work at one of our Stations! A huge thank you to Oniwanbashu who made the concept art for these, which we've turned into official "badges"! If your Ranger ever leaves their Station, they'll have to turn in their badge-- but as long as they have the badge, they can earn "Ranger Ranks"! What are Ranger Ranks? Well... Maybe you should keep an eye out for Job Postings in the future!

user posted image They are finally here! What's here exactly? Click to reveal!
    So, during the beginning in large, fantastical events that required a lot of effort, we would offer special rewards known as: Mysterious Effect, Lucky Streak, Fateful Encounter. Each did something different and for a while it was purely a mystery until someone finally won it and tried it out. Well, they've all been gained over the course of our time (although none recently) and they've been used and it's been discovered what they are!

    So, staff has decided to release this Holy Trinity as items that are not only won in contests but can be gained through certain abilities (namely Pickup), through looking for the item in Interaction Threads, or through Journey Threads. But bare in mind, these items are incredibly rare. The rarest of rares. So, a lot of effort is needed to be put forth to find them but we are very excited to have someone find them! So get out there and search!

    Now, without further ado, here are the items and what they can do.

    Enigma Stone Thought once to be linked to certain Legendaries, this stone has unusual properties and seems to effect Pokemon in mysterious ways. Turns an existing Pokemon into a Delta. If this item is given to or held by a Pokemon in a Journey thread they will go into a magical and strange transformation. The transformation will be based on location but also on your favorite typing. So long as you're in a location that supports your typing you can transform your Pokemon into a Delta! This happens in odd ways and no one transformation is alike because of this it may only happen in a journey thread, so keep that in mind.

    Sacred Ash This soot is said to be the last remnants of a Burning God and it is incredibly good luck to rub it into the skin of a Pokemon. Turns an existing Pokemon or Egg into a Shiny upon its next Evolution/hatching. Alternatively it can be used along the routes to discover a Shiny This item, when rubbed into the skin or along the shell of a Pokemon, will cause an odd thing to happen upon its hatching or evolution. Unfortunately during the transformation the Pokemon turns Domestic for at least 3 Months for unknown reasons and remain Domestic until an ability change is earned. Yet when spread around around location, while searching for a Wild Pokemon, this issue is circumvented entirely. It does not need a journey thread unless you are looking for a Wild Pokemon.

    Rainbow Wing A single feather from the most beautiful of Deities said to be the most fateful offering when presented in the right locations. Lets the character meet a Legendary of the given location While rarely spoken of, this item will call down from the heavens, deep within the bowels of the earth, other dimensions, thick in the wilds, or any number of ways a God is said to hide from the world. Be careful and hold steady, not all Gods wish to be summoned or interacted with and some are not of good or kind natures. Should you call upon them anyways, be careful with your words and actions for that means everything for these powerful beings. This item can only be used in a journey thread, so keep that in mind.

user posted image Officially introducing our two new moderators-- Mod Moltres, Takarra, and Mod Resharim, Oniwanbashu! Click to reveal!
    Takarra has been on the team for a few months now working as a Wild Pokemon Moderator, so she's probably been moderating your threads all along! Actually, she's picked it up really fast and is probably one of our most active mods, so please give a huge thanks to her next time you have the chance! She's been great to have on the team, and the whole gang's been having a much better time staying on top of modded threads with her around! <3

    Oniwanbashu joined the team last month as an ART MODERATOR! We've actually hired her on board to help with Unique Quality art, and she's been blowing it out of the water. You've probably seen her art around as is-- but she also created the concept art for the Ranger Badges, which I then made sprite awards for. We also have plans to get more art done with her, but hey, those are secret! I'm sure you'll find out soon enough, once we get everything sorted. Suffice to say, it's been amazing to have such a talented artist join the team!

user posted image It's the season of giving, so share with your fellow members in our latest Event! Click to reveal!
    The Gift Giveaway Extravaganza will be starting soon! Run by our very own Percy, this site-wide event allows you to write out a wishlist for all of your characters! At the end of the season, all of your festive posts and celebrations are gathered up to earn points that you can use to spend on gifts for your fellow members!

    Keep an eye out for this! Most items aren't very expensive, so we're hoping everyone can get every last thing they want! In order for that to happen, though, you'll have to be sure to post plenty this holiday season. Our staff team has grouped together determined to make sure everyone gets something, so make sure you participate!

user posted image And now for a bunch of new updates, events, and a whole lot more! user posted image

user posted image Professor Coral's lighthouse is full of new Starters! Click to reveal!
    user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
    Professor Coral has a new batch of beautiful starters to choose from! From now on, any thread made to get a Pokemon will see a new batch of adorable Pokemon to choose from!

user posted image Check out our newest DEC-JAN swarms! Click to reveal!
    New SWARMS are out! There's a huge chance of encountering these Pokemon if a Swarm is happening, and often in large groups. If you see a Pokemon you like, now's the chance to go hunting for them! These swarms will be changing by the end of the month, so get them while you can!

    user posted image
    SWADLOON have evolved on the forest floor in Lake Lebes!
    It protects itself from the cold by wrapping up in leaves. It stays on the move, eating leaves in forests.

    Wild Sewaddle have made their annual evolution to guard themselves from the cold! What were once hidden is now scooting across the marshy forest floor.

    user posted image
    GIGALITH have dug their way out of the Milia!
    The blasts of energy it makes from sunbeams have terrifying power. However, it's not able to fire its blasts at night or on rainy days

    Superstition leads people to believe that Gigalith digging themselves out of the sand at the end of fall will mean a warm, sunny winter that is quite short. Yet already the cold and terrible weather has made it clear this year will be different.

    user posted image
    BERGMITE are hatching in the Tundra!
    Using air of -150 degrees Fahrenheit, they freeze opponents solid. They live in herds above the snow line on mountains.

    After half a century of waiting, thousands of eggs buried under the ice have hatched into eager Bergmite ready for taking on a frosty winter in the Tundra!

    user posted image
    RIBOMBEE are finding shelter in Caecus Town!
    It rolls up pollen into puffs. It makes many different varieties, some used as food and others used in battle.

    The dreary cold weather has caused wild Ribombee to shove their way into local Combee Hives, causing cramped conditions and some grumpy Vespiquens.

    user posted image
    CHANSEY are nesting across Agri Town!
    Chansey lays nutritionally excellent eggs on an everyday basis. The eggs are so delicious, they are easily and eagerly devoured by even those people who have lost their appetite.

    A wave of wild Chansey brood mothers have found it far too cold for the late season eggs and have taken to bringing them to the well heated barns across the town.

    user posted image
    ZIGZAGOON are exploring Procella Prarie!
    Zigzagoon restlessly wanders everywhere at all times. This Pokémon does so because it is very curious. It becomes interested in anything that it happens to see.

    A horde of Zigzagoon on their first journey together have decided to take a look see at Procella Prarie. Its not going so well but thank Arceus for these weird tall Zigzagoons!

    user posted image
    SLUGMA have officially started spawning in Una Way!
    Slugma does not have any blood in its body. Instead, intensely hot magma circulates throughout this Pokémon's body, carrying essential nutrients and oxygen to its organs.

    Without the help required to return Slugma to Mount Aduro and Aduro Pass, the Slugma have since abandoned the cooling rift in Una Way and find themselves quite content with a Fire Fang using Snubbull Gang in a local junk yard full of tasty metal to eat! As they have moved to Una Way officially they are not official Pokemon on the route! Expect to find them in Journey Threads when you're in the area.

user posted image Our first site-wide raffle is live! Click to reveal!
    Thanks to our generous donators, we've instituted a site-wide raffle that anyone can enter! This month's Raffle is giving away a Hybrid Pokemon of the winner's choice! Check out this thread for more information and to enter for free!

    The raffle is ending on December 15th, so get on this for a chance to win a really special holiday gift!

user posted image Looking for some reading material? Why not check out today's thread spotlights? Click to reveal!
    Below are some threads that our Staff has picked out to showcase. If you have suggestions for future thread spotlights, message Shafaer with the links.

    Precious Cargo -- There is some major excitement going on in Uberrime City! Ranger Sirhan Saifuddin is on an important mission to get Morrigan and her daughter safely to headquarters. Other people seem to have different plans as they are desperate to keep the ex-pitfighter from spilling the beans to the authorities. Join Sirhan on his first mission to keep this woman of interest and her child safe, then on to a surprise second mission involving Morrigan's forgotten egg as Sirhan works desperately to keep the bad guys from winning. Will he succeed? Will Morrigan survive to testify? What about the egg? Will Sirhan learn to buckle in his poor Riolu before partaking in a high speed chase?

    Monday Morning Blues -- It's another Monday at the Uberrime Ranger/Police Station, but it's certainly proving to not be a typical start to the week. Frank Dubois, Uberrime's newest Ranger, is starting his very first shift in lockup (by mistake of course!). Before the ex-movie star can MacGyver his way out, Ranger Sirhan Saifuddin finds him in an awkward situation. Fortunately for the rookie, the more experienced Ranger is able to straighten things out and is kind enough to help Frank get settled in. Before Sirhan can move on to other duties, he's informed the new kid will be his partner. Join this interesting duo as they make some rounds of Uberrime while Sirhan tries imparting some knowledge on the clueless yet eager green horn.

    Once More Unto the Breach -- Ryker Volkov has touched land in Ho'ohiki with his Meowth, Savi. He finds himself on the road to the Lighthouse, having decided to see about acquiring a second Pokemon from Professor Coral. Though he is determined to move on with his life, the man still finds himself struggling with demons from his past. His Meowth has been a great help, so maybe another Pokemon partner would be even better? The Rancher has several choices upon arriving (many of which attempted to let the visitors in). Which will he choose? This thread is still underway, so be sure to keep checking it out!

    A Surprise Visit -- Since their first meeting several months ago, Researcher Annika Starrling has found herself thinking periodically about the Ranger who assisted her in the Procella Plains. Other business has brought the woman to Uberrime, where Frank Dubois had been headed, so she decided to drop by the Ranger Station and check on him. What will she discover? Will Frank ever live down the rumors of a pretty girl visiting him? Can Annika help repay the kindness he showed to her? Read to find out! This thread is almost done, so be sure to check back for its conclusion!

    Offerings to Celebi -- Prija Shinawatra has started her personal pilgrimage across Ho'ohiki to pay respects and make offerings to various Legendary Pokemon. Her very first stop is right in her own back yard at Lake Lebes, lighting a candle and leaving some berries for Celebi. Just as she's finishing her prayer, an unworldly silence grips the wilderness around the lake before it's broken by the desperate wail of a child. At least, it sounds like a child. Join Prija as she and her trusty Absol follow the distraught sound deeper into the woods. What will they discover? This journey is ongoing, so be sure to bookmark it and check back!

    A Midnight Meeting -- Budding fossil hunter Yoko Yano is doing some late night studying while her Onix plays in the sand. The most unlikely of meetings occur when pirate E.T. Crowley and her special, but adored, Sneasel happen upon the two. The conversation gets a bit rough as the analytical Researcher is unable to pick up on the subtler cues of human emotion. Will Crowley keep her cool? Or will Yoko find some survival instinct? It seems Bootsie and Eclair just want to play in the sand.... This thread is ongoing, so stay tuned!

November's Lore Contest is ends tonight Click to reveal!
    We've had amazing success this Lore Contest, with tons of great entries! Make sure that you've finished your entries, because once Matt finishes his finals, we're going to start handing around prizes!

    We're still working on adding Lore to the Guidebook, but trust me, we're working on it! Your entries will soon be apart of the many pages that span our lovely Lorebook Section! <3

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