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>  Quick News: OTM Noms, AUGUST 26th, 2017
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 Sloth posted at Aug 26 2017, 08:55 PM
Quote ❝❞

It's time for our OTM nominations! See bellow for how to suggest your favorite things of this month! Anyone can nominate, and even if you send in just one nomination or a whole handful, you'll recieve 100 poke for participating!

What is an OTM? These are special awards given out every month! For the entire next month, the winners will be showcased right above our Affiliate Section, as well as given an award in their miniprofiles. It's our way of saying: "Hot dang look at our beautiful members let's let them know how fantastic they are."

Nominating: There are six categories up for nomination this month! We ask that you PM your choices to Celebi by the 2nd of September so that staff can pick the winners and get everything set up for the August news post!

OtMs can only be earned once per category each year. If a character wins CotM, they can't be picked for CotM until next year! However, you may nominate as much as you like, and even send more than one PM if you think or find new things to nominate.


  • Member of the Month: This can be any member! MotM should be given to those who are active, friendly and engaging with the community. We ask that you don't nominate yourself, of course. Here's a list of all our members! Not including staff, of course.
    Previous Winners:
    • Sloth/Percy
    • Kenkou
    • Jance
    • Lepidolite
    • Robin Goodmonster
    • Cinnamon
    • Matt
    • Shafaer
    • Takarra
    • Eranda
    • Rotenda
    • Scath

  • Character of the Month: This can be any character. CotM should be given to characters who provide interesting dynamics, are active in threads, and in general are fun to read. We ask that you don't nominate your own character, of course. Here's a list of all our characters!
    Previous Winners:
    • Michael Aiden
    • Fiona Quinn
    • Adam Savalas
    • Crispin Andrick
    • Lilith Akinya
    • Layla Setting
    • Teagan Ashley
    • Ethan Porter
    • Fred Green
    • Yeong Ji Woo
    • David Dedrick
    • Barrett Callaghan

  • Duo of the Month: This category is given to the pair of characters that everyone just enjoys reading together. Whether they're family, friends, rivals or anything else; we just love reading these two together. If there's a third character who needs mentioning, we might just make it trio of the month on occasion.
    Previous Winners:
    • Kaleth&Emilia
    • Grimm&Gustav
    • Copper&David
    • Naoko&Barrett
    • Jamie&Teddy
    • Vicktor&Bernard
    • Ash&Leo
    • King&Adam
    • Crispin&Benjamin
    • James&Alexis
    • Jago&Jewel
    • Bill&Marina

  • Pokemon of the Month: This is for any Pokemon who really stood out this month. This award is given to the character who is partners with that Pokemon for simplicity sake. This might be a bit more difficult to decide on, but you can volunteer your own Pokemon if you like.
    Previous Winners:
    • Kaelin's Togepi Egg
    • Adam's Cleffa Hippolytus
    • North's Nidoran Spines
    • Grimm's Gastly Sol
    • Cillian's Cottonee Cloud
    • Wren's Feebas Meridian
    • Hikaru's Butterfree Flitter
    • Ethan's Snubbull Queenie
    • Alfred's Kangaskhan Big Momma
    • Barrett's Mawile Sugar
    • Tania's Timburr Terri
    • Lux's Scyther Kite

  • Thread of the Month: This is for the thread that you think was the best read this month. Anyone who participates in this thread will be given this award, but we ask that you don't nominate your own threads. Go out and read other people's threads! <3
    Previous Winners:
    • Lonely Ghosts Come A Calling
    • Faces of cerulean oceans Mirroring stars and sable skies
    • Ocean man take me by the hand lead me to the land
    • Don't Be Afraid I Won't Stray Down the Dark Path
    • like dust in the rain
    • Bump!
    • Quick Sweep for a Dangerous Pursuit
    • Something in the water
    • homework six: familial ties
    • Research of the Sky Squirrel Pokemon
    • Becoming a Ranger
    • Mother knows Best

  • Quote of the Month: "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!" Or something. This goes out to best dialogue this month, but can be used for any piece of writing on the site. Again, don't nominate your own writing, okay?
    Previous Winners:
    • Vitalli
    • Rowan Blakeslee
    • Asami Himura
    • David Dresden
    • Jasper Cornig
    • Lilith Akinya
    • Adam Savalas
    • Mano del Rosario
    • Kalervo Arias
    • Alarice Jansen
    • Tweak
    • Driscoll Star

    Bellow is the code you can copy for your nominations! Please provide links where necessary (threads and quotes especially) and we especially appreciate if you comment your reasons for nominations. Anyone who puts in a nomination will get 100₽ just for participating, so get out there!

[b]Member of the Month:[/b]
[b]Character of the Month: [/b]
[b]Duo of the Month:[/b]
[b]Pokemon of the Month:[/b]
[b]Thread of the Month:[/b]
[b]Quote of the Month:[/b]


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