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>  Pokémon PLEDGE: 1 Year Anniversary!, JUNE 29TH, 2017
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 Shafaer posted at Jun 29 2017, 05:42 PM
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user posted image

user posted image HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! user posted image
Greetings everyone and welcome to the 1st year anniversary of PLEDGE! We opened way back on June 1st of 2016, just a little humble site created for Matt and I's friend circle... And you guys have really brought this place to life! We've got a bunch of updates, events, and fun stuff to celebrate the new year, so check it all out bellow! Also, don't forget to post in Award Claim because if you're here, that means you've earned the 1st Year Annivesary Award!

Before we move on to share OTMs, updates, events and more, I just wanted to share some little site statistics with you guys!

In the first year of PLEDGE, we have over 400 registered accounts (including characters and OOC accounts), 1900+ new threads made, and nearly 8000 posts! The consistency month to month has also been absolutely breath taking as well! Our lowest month for posting was July, 2016, with 282 posts, and that was followed by our HUGEST influx of posts with well over a thousand posts in August! Since then we've been sticking around 500 posts a month, and it is just so great to see all of you having a wonderful time around here.

PLEDGE was always meant as a little pet project for me, but with Matt's support, not to mention Kenkou, Sloth, and the rest of the Staff team constantly updating and striving for the best this place can be, we've really made it work. Every time a new guest comes by and gushes about how great this place seems and our members all jump up and welcome them, it warms my heart and we wouldn't be here without you guys!

user posted image What's this? It seems that the May OTM winners have been announced! Click to reveal!
Few weeks ago we asked everyone to submit suggestions for who we should pick for the Of The Month awards... and now, it's time to reveal the winners of May's Of The Month spotlight!
    user posted image May's member of the month is..!
    Eranda is a member that shows that regardless of how much school you have to do, being active is just a matter of good time management and maybe a few late nights. We are happy to showcase a member like Eranda and all their hard work around the site, especially that in the cbox and we hope to continue to see a lot from them as they enjoy the beach on vacation and do all that fun stuff before graduating.

    Eranda was one of many of our users you showed up limiting themselves to just one person. Tania Boyle has a mission to meet all Researchers and find out more about Delta and boy were we sure that this mission would be the only one Eranda really worked with. Until of course James Moore stormed the scenes, a guy who wants to become stronger so he might free the abused Pokemon of Piscari and make the town a better place like it used to be. Of course now Eranda is off making character number three, and this one may turn out to be one of Sloth's favorites, a Ranger who works for Boss. They don't have a plotter but I'm sure if you dropped them a PM that they'd love to roleplay with you!

    You can tell how much Eranda loves this site in how they talk every time they pop into the cbox, whether from their computer or through their mobile. They work hard to write posts for a number of people and stay as active as possible. And its for this reason we are happy to have them as Member of the Month!

    user posted image May's duo of the month is..!
    Say hello to these two precious beans from Eranda and Takarra! These two met in in Okeanos Town, the start of all lovely new beginnings! In a typical fashion they literally bumped into each other, and judging by Alexis' flustered response she's either real embarrassed about running James over, or it's a bit of a puppy-crush forming! (Sweetie, he's too old for you. Really.) Still, it isn't long before they're discussing what each other is doing in town, and then where they came from... It's always a bit rough admitting you're from the sketchiest town in all of Ho'ohiki, huh James? But hey, they seem to get along, and friendships are some of the best ships here on PLEDGE!

    user posted image May's quote of the month is..!

    Boy this quote is something of an understatement-- Alarice's ex was a poacher, after all! It's interesting to see people hardened by the grittier parts of Pokemon-centric life, including those that hurt, steal, and sell Pokemon for profit. It's hard not to imagine that this whole time she can't help but think someone would sell her Crawbrawler in a heartbeat considering how rare and special she is! But... Hey, Alarice, not everyone is that cruel, I promise!

    user posted image May's thread of the month is..!
    Annika is determined to understand Pokemon behavior, even if she can't understand them. Which brings her to the Bends in the middle of a week long storm that rains ash soaked sludge from the sky. Rock Pokemon are scarce but that doesn't stop Annika because she's looking for a Pokemon in particular, a swarm of wayward Emolga. Instead she comes across stories of Monsters in the trees, ones that sprout lightning and chase off all the Pokemon trying to seek shelter within the pines. it sounds awfully familiar but do they want to play nice?

    user posted image May's Pokémon of the month is..!

    Sugar is a hellion if anyone ever saw one. A vicious and loving creature, Sugar loves to fight, especially when it means drawing blood. She's also sweet as sugar to her trainer Barrett, providing quite the relationship between them. Barrett has been known to even take her down to see a fight and almost always lets her bet on which one will win. When she's there she loves to chat up the locals, especially when those locals chat back. Sugar is a great Pokemon, even if she is a dangerous one. We hope to see more of her in the future because of it!

    user posted image May's character of the month is..!
    One of the darling members of Drama Club, our own very Yeong Ji Woo has some serious potential! This adorable sweetheart wants to be a world famous researcher some day, and honestly she's made a dashing start so far. From checking out the volcanic ash first hand with her buddy Nicro, hatching eggs and catching up with an old friend, and researching real live wild pokemon too, of course, Yeong is a busy girl!

    That's not to say she isn't wholly innocent, after all she's been known to steal entire bikes, but hey. Everyone's got to eat and life isn't easy. Yeong's positive energy and curious nature is a delight to read in every thread she's in, and not to mention all of her Pokemon have amazing personalities too. The highlight of her team of course is her Stufful, Jelly, who's fur is curled and pilled like an old stuff animal! He's a grump, but absolutely adorable. She also has a darling Swablu who's a bit of a daredevil, and a mysterious Elgyem that she found and hatched from an egg that fell from the sky!

user posted image It's time for our OTM nominations, so please submit by the 5th of July! Click to reveal!See bellow for how to suggest your favorite things for this month! Anyone can nominate, and even if you send in just one nomination or a whole handful, you'll receive 100 poke for participating!

What is an OTM? These are special awards given out every month! For the entire next month, the winners will be showcased right above our Affiliate Section, as well as given an award in their miniprofiles. It's our way of saying: "Hot dang look at our beautiful members let's let them know how fantastic they are."

Nominating: There are six categories up for nomination this month! We ask that you PM your choices to Celebi by the 5th of July so that staff can pick the winners and get everything set up for the July news post!

OtMs can only be earned once per category each year. If a character wins CotM, they can't be picked for CotM until next year! However, you may nominate as much as you like, and even send more than one PM if you think or find new things to nominate.


    • Member of the Month: This can be any member! MotM should be given to those who are active, friendly and engaging with the community. We ask that you don't nominate yourself, of course. Here's a list of all our members! Not including staff, of course.
      Previous Winners:
      • Pretender
      • Storm
      • Sloth/Percy
      • Kenkou
      • Jance
      • Lepidolite
      • Robin Goodmonster
      • Cinnamon
      • Matt
      • Shafaer
      • Takarra
      • Eranda

    • Character of the Month: This can be any character. CotM should be given to characters who provide interesting dynamics, are active in threads, and in general are fun to read. We ask that you don't nominate your own character, of course. Here's a list of all our characters!
      Previous Winners:
      • Ianthe Tolve
      • Ashley Vernon
      • Michael Aiden
      • Fiona Quinn
      • Adam Savalas
      • Crispin Andrick
      • Lilith Akinya
      • Layla Setting
      • Teagan Ashley
      • Ethan Porter
      • Fred Green
      • Yeong Ji Woo

    • Duo of the Month: This category is given to the pair of characters that everyone just enjoys reading together. Whether they're family, friends, rivals or anything else; we just love reading these two together. If there's a third character who needs mentioning, we might just make it trio of the month on occasion.
      Previous Winners:
      • Eve&Kitty
      • Shane&Geil
      • Kaleth&Emilia
      • Grimm&Gustav
      • Copper&David
      • Naoko&Barrett
      • Jamie&Teddy
      • Vicktor&Bernard
      • Ash&Leo
      • King&Adam
      • Crispin&Benjamin
      • James&Alexis

    • Pokemon of the Month: This is for any Pokemon who really stood out this month. This award is given to the character who is partners with that Pokemon for simplicity sake. This might be a bit more difficult to decide on, but you can volunteer your own Pokemon if you like.
      Previous Winners:
      • Ianthe's Chikorita Alya
      • Ash's Ponyta Eosphoros
      • Kaelin's Togepi Egg
      • Adam's Cleffa Hippolytus
      • North's Nidoran Spines
      • Grimm's Gastly Sol
      • Cillian's Cottonee Cloud
      • Wren's Feebas Meridian
      • Hikaru's Butterfree Flitter
      • Ethan's Snubbull Queenie
      • Alfred's Kangaskhan Big Momma
      • Barrett's Mawile Sugar

    • Thread of the Month: This is for the thread that you think was the best read this month. Anyone who participates in this thread will be given this award, but we ask that you don't nominate your own threads. Go out and read other people's threads! <3
      Previous Winners:
      • everyone goes south now and then
      • under pressure
      • Lonely Ghosts Come A Calling
      • Faces of cerulean oceans Mirroring stars and sable skies
      • Ocean man take me by the hand lead me to the land
      • Don't Be Afraid I Won't Stray Down the Dark Path
      • like dust in the rain
      • Bump!
      • Quick Sweep for a Dangerous Pursuit
      • Something in the water
      • homework six: familial ties
      • Research of the Sky Squirrel Pokemon

    • Quote of the Month: "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!" Or something. This goes out to best dialogue this month, but can be used for any piece of writing on the site. Again, don't nominate your own writing, okay?
      Previous Winners:
      • Nick Phoenix
      • Chun Hei Moon
      • Vitalli
      • Rowan Blakeslee
      • Asami Himura
      • David Dresden
      • Jasper Cornig
      • Lilith Akinya
      • Adam Savalas
      • Mano del Rosario
      • Kalervo Arias
      • Alarice Jansen

      Bellow is the code you can copy for your nominations! Please provide links where necessary (threads and quotes especially) and we especially appreciate if you comment your reasons for nominations. Anyone who puts in a nomination will get 100₽ just for participating, so get out there!

      [b]Member of the Month:[/b]
      [b]Character of the Month: [/b]
      [b]Duo of the Month:[/b]
      [b]Pokemon of the Month:[/b]
      [b]Thread of the Month:[/b]
      [b]Quote of the Month:[/b]

user posted image It's time for a new batch of awards, including one to celebrate our first anniversary! Click to reveal!
    Everyone is getting a new award this month, as well as some fancy awards for linking with varying degrees of success with Pokemon, featuring some uniquely colored Meowths!

    1st Anniversary
    1st Anniversary
    Awarded for being apart of PLEDGE's 1st Year Anniversary Celebration!

    So go ahead over to Award Claim to grab this new award for your OOC account! We also have these awards for characters:


    Failed to link with a Pokémon after 3 rolls.


    Successfully linked with a Pokémon in a single roll!


    Linked with 6 Pokémon at once!

user posted image Next up is a whole bunch of updates, from new secrets to solve, to fun little bonuses for all our amazing members! user posted image

user posted image The Swarms have quieted down... Something else seems to be on the move. Click to reveal!
    This month we aren't going to be having swarms, but instead a special site-wide event for Journey Threads across the board... Suffice to say, everyone will have a chance for a mystical encounter, whether their journey threads are pre-existing or not! So get ready for some really interesting journey threads, and keep your eyes out for this special event to take place with some of your own characters.

    Just be warned, that excitement isn't always good, and the "awe" in awesome once meant fear inspiring for a reason... And depending on what your characters do, you might be in for a life-changing experience!

    This special site-wide event will be happening until the end of July!

user posted image The Pokédollars you receive for posting is increased to 10 from now until the end of the July! Click to reveal!
    In order to celebrate the 1st year anniversary, we're doubling what you earn when posting! As always, you do need to post at least 50 words in an in character post to earn the Pokédollars (to keep people from spamming really tiny posts) but otherwise this is just a tiny little tidbit to say thank you!

    We also have a new giveaway planned, but we're going to wait until July for that as we have enough going on at the moment. Suffice to say there's a certain gifted bird getting ready to give out some love to all of you-- so look forward to that next month!

user posted image And now for a bunch of new updates, events, and a whole lot more! user posted image

user posted image Check out the new starters at Professor Coral's Lighthouse this month! Click to reveal!
    user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
    Professor Coral has a new batch of beautiful starters to choose from! From now on, any thread made to get a Pokemon will see a new batch of adorable Pokemon to choose from!

user posted image Mount Aduro is still casting ash across Ho'ohiki! Participate in collecting soot and our many new jobs! Click to reveal!
    Mount Aduro has erupted, and it's spewing ash and soot all over the region! We have a huge number of new jobs that can be taken up by anyone at any time, all you need is a partner!

    You can also receive a free soot sack, which will let you collect soot to turn into handy flutes, so make sure to grab one while you can!

    This event will be affecting Journey Threads for the foreseeable future, so please do keep that in mind and check out the thread explaining this big site-wide event!

user posted image To celebrate this special occasion, we have a brand new event, as well as changes to upcoming events! Click to reveal!
    In the past, events required your character to be close enough to the action to join, but we're changing this to now allow anyone to join (a bit like jobs!), just limited to one character per person. Events are also become less moderated, thought NPCs may still show up in events from time to time-- so you don't have to worry about tagging a mod. Just go ahead and keep posting, and feel free to leave and join at any time-- as long as you participate, you'll get something out of the experience!

    Without further ado, here's our newest event:

    user posted image
    The Dana Festival has come to Stipes City!
    Every year, hundreds of Ho'ohiki residents from around the island gather in Stipes for the annual Dana Festival, a celebration of generosity in which offerings are given to legendary and god-like Pokemon en masse. Come stop by to give worship to these wonderful legendaries, and maybe, just maybe you'll get a blessing from a Legendary!

    user posted image These events are still ongoing. You can join them at any time, so have at it, friends!

    Turf Wars -- A gang of Machop and a gang of Nidoran are fighting each other! Will you pick a side, or try to stop them before someone gets hurt?

    Come Little Children -- A Shiny Phantump has escaped Keone Pekelo's clutches... But will it escape Piscari Town, or be captured by the fierce Feraligatr, Wahala, and the local poachers?

    user posted image If you happen to have a character nearby, consider throwing them into one of these threads! Event completion always comes with prizes, and what happens might influence the world more drastically than you might expect. Event threads are one of the rare modded threads that you can participate in alongside a journey thread, so don't wait! Join today!

user posted image Looking for some reading material? Why not check out today's thread spotlights? Click to reveal!
    Below are some threads that our Staff has picked out to showcase. If you have suggestions for future thread spotlights, message Shafaer with the links.

    Oh, How He Suffers Me -- Starting off with a journey thread that threatens for either an amazing or horrible time, Jago's decided to set off into the Deluge. With nothing but a level five Riolu. I'm sure nothing could go horribly wrong here, folks. But hey, maybe the spooky ghost jellyfish can convince them that only death awaits this daredevil!

    Another day another meeting -- A meeting between James Moore and David Dedrick, on the ashy beaches of Okeanos! Chasing birds, hanging out... Wait, did David actually ask James out on a date? I think it's a date, guys. You have to keep your eyes out for this thread, because it's going to be amazing for sure!

    This ain't no place for a hero. This ain't no place for no better man. -- I love me some human fighting rings in the deep, dark scummy bars of Piscari like no one else, and what better place to meet? Including the infamously adorable Sugar the Mawile as the one deciding where Barett's bets are placed and Queenie the Snubbull talking about Ethan murdering someone, I'm sure this thread is going to be going places. Minor warning for mentions of blood and all, but nothing too graphic so far!

    The journey begins -- This journey thread really is something special, especially since it digs into the culture of Wardens, as well as the bonds between trainers and Pokemon. Its the kind of thread that makes you really think and reflect on the nature of rangers, and what their purpose is, all with so tactfully dealing with a struggle Zaire faces all the time: wanting to belong, to have a pack and a family but also just... not quite fitting in yet, and facing the world with that. I'm hoping for some real character growth with this one!

    Getting a Starter -- Always a sucker for Lab threads, and oh my goodness La Jument stop tormenting all the new trainers with your ghostly tricks! Look, I still have baby pictures of you being a shy little thing, and I'm not afraid to black mail you with them! Ahem. Anyway. It's always a treat to see which Pokemon a trainer will pick-- so James, who will it be, I wonder?

    The Fire Still Burns -- Let's be real, we need more threads like these on PLEDGE! These intense, trainer versus trainer scuffles for training-- after all, isn't that what Pokemon is all about? These two trainers have history with each other, and which I think makes them rivals-- and I'm psyched to see where that gets them as they move forward as trainers! Will they keep pace with each other?

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