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>  Pokémon PLEDGE: Mayday Weather!, MAY 25th, 2017
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 Shafaer posted at May 26 2017, 12:49 AM
Quote ❝❞
user posted image

user posted image MAYDAY WEATHER! user posted image
Welcome to our monthly news! It's time for the May News :D
Going to be a bit of a short one, because we're preparing for our big Anniversary News Post next month!

user posted image What's this? It seems that the April OTM winners have been announced! Click to reveal!
Few weeks ago we asked everyone to submit suggestions for who we should pick for the Of The Month awards... and now, it's time to reveal the winners of April's Of The Month spotlight!
    user posted image April's member of the month is..!
    This month we are proud of acknowledge one of our newest members: Takarra! It warms our heart when a new member makes such strides and ends up as member of the month and this is no exception. Takarra is a lovely member, greeting newbies and playing around as adorably sweet members, all while working hard at home too!

    Whether in the wee ours of the morning or around during the day, you'll find Takarra about providing companionship and a bit of help where possible. Their characters are truly fun to work with, from the latest character putting on varying disguises to match the needs of his latest master in crime, to a ranger who befriended a delta Rufflet on an adventure across Ho'ohiki and of course a trainer hoping to make it big in Ho'ohiki's gym challenges. If you're ever looking for a rad plot considering hitting up their plotter page.

    We're excited to see just where Takarra goes from here. From what characters she makes to what her characters might do. Keep an eye on this one and if you're ever on when she is, hit her up for a delightful conversation.

    user posted image April's duo of the month is..!
    First crushes are something magical. That odd feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone is just attractive enough to catch your eye and leaving you wanting something more than just a cursory glance. Thats where Benjamin is at this moment. Caught up in so many feelings, all for a nice guy with quite the beard that walked into the bookstore, Benjamin doesn't know what to do! He's never felt this way before.

    Crispin, however, is there looking for help on his egg and wanting to know more about the different places around Ho'ohiki. Of course being a bookstore, Benjiman has plenty of books with plenty of information on just what Crispin is looking for. He just has to get over himself first.

    user posted image April's quote of the month is..!

    Kalervo's relationship with Luan has always been a joy to read about. Like a boy and his dog-- which is very much what they are, if not even closer-- these two are summed up so neatly with this precious quote about how close they are! Sure, Luan and Kalervo don't always agree, and they tussle about, but at the end of the day, they're as close as brothers. Check out the rest of the thread if you want to read more about these two cuties, by the way!

    user posted image April's thread of the month is..!
    Ahh, Adam, Adam, Adam. Nothing like having to go to a therapist, and Matt's writing in this thread just absorbs you into the nitty grit of a man working through the aftermath of a war that's left its mark on him for the rest of his life. Plus, the darling little Hippo the Cleffa is in it. Like the thread name implies, Adam's been given the "homework" of coming up with a list of family members-- the conversation is deep and meaningful and definitely worth pouring through.

    user posted image April's Pokémon of the month is..!

    This month's Pokemon of the Month is a bit of an oddball, since we mostly know Big Momma as an egg herself! Still, you can't help but admit that a breeder like Ayomide is going to have an amazing time with a Kanghaskhan! All of Ayomide's parenting over Big Momma has been a joy to watch, and we're all waiting with baited breath for her to actually hatch into the world! We're half expecting her appearance to happen here, so keep your eyes peeled for the hatching! It's going to be quite the show.

    user posted image April's character of the month is..!
    Oh how we love our veterans, especially those that fought in the infamous Kanto Wars. Fred left quite the hectic life behind when he moved back to Ho'ohiki but it turns out even Ho'ohiki is a bit of a wild ride. It may have been years since Fred left Ho'ohiki to go on an adventure of a different caliber but there are plenty of adventures waiting for Fred to have on the island as well.

    Coming back to Ho'ohiki, Fred shed his mantle as soldier en lieu of the mantle of a Ranger! His hard working attitude is surely going to take the cake but you can see his first day on the job where he gets a friendly had from Uberrime Ranger Lilith. Thats not the only thing he's up to. He's also the second person to come across a Shiny! And so far that encounter isn't quite going as planned but we wish him all the luck int he world!

    There are plenty of other things you can find him doing, meeting all sorts of people from those he knew before the military to those he knew in the military to brand new faces. Just take a look around and find Fred!

user posted image It's time for our OTM nominations, so please submit by the 30th of May! Click to reveal!See bellow for how to suggest your favorite things for this month! Anyone can nominate, and even if you send in just one nomination or a whole handful, you'll recieve 100 poke for participating!

What is an OTM? These are special awards given out every month! For the entire next month, the winners will be showcased right above our Affiliate Section, as well as given an award in their miniprofiles. It's our way of saying: "Hot dang look at our beautiful members let's let them know how fantastic they are."

Nominating: There are six categories up for nomination this month! We ask that you PM your choices to Celebi by the 30th of May so that staff can pick the winners and get everything set up for the June news post!

OtMs can only be earned once per category each year. If a character wins CotM, they can't be picked for CotM until next year! However, you may nominate as much as you like, and even send more than one PM if you think or find new things to nominate.


    • Member of the Month: This can be any member! MotM should be given to those who are active, friendly and engaging with the community. We ask that you don't nominate yourself, of course. Here's a list of all our members! Not including staff, of course.
      Previous Winners:
      • Pretender
      • Storm
      • Sloth/Percy
      • Kenkou
      • Jance
      • Lepidolite
      • Robin Goodmonster
      • Cinnamon
      • Matt
      • Shafaer
      • Takarra

    • Character of the Month: This can be any character. CotM should be given to characters who provide interesting dynamics, are active in threads, and in general are fun to read. We ask that you don't nominate your own character, of course. Here's a list of all our characters!
      Previous Winners:
      • Ianthe Tolve
      • Ashley Vernon
      • Michael Aiden
      • Fiona Quinn
      • Adam Savalas
      • Crispin Andrick
      • Lilith Akinya
      • Layla Setting
      • Teagan Ashley
      • Ethan Porter
      • Fred Green

    • Duo of the Month: This category is given to the pair of characters that everyone just enjoys reading together. Whether they're family, friends, rivals or anything else; we just love reading these two together. If there's a third character who needs mentioning, we might just make it trio of the month on occasion.
      Previous Winners:
      • Eve&Kitty
      • Shane&Geil
      • Kaleth&Emilia
      • Grimm&Gustav
      • Copper&David
      • Naoko&Barrett
      • Jamie&Teddy
      • Vicktor&Bernard
      • Ash&Leo
      • King&Adam
      • Crispin&Benjamin

    • Pokemon of the Month: This is for any Pokemon who really stood out this month. This award is given to the character who is partners with that Pokemon for simplicity sake. This might be a bit more difficult to decide on, but you can volunteer your own Pokemon if you like.
      Previous Winners:
      • Ianthe's Chikorita Alya
      • Ash's Ponyta Eosphoros
      • Kaelin's Togepi Egg
      • Adam's Cleffa Hippolytus
      • North's Nidoran Spines
      • Grimm's Gastly Sol
      • Cillian's Cottonee Cloud
      • Wren's Feebas Meridian
      • Hikaru's Butterfree Flitter
      • Ethan's Snubbull Queenie
      • Alfred's Kangaskhan Big Momma

    • Thread of the Month: This is for the thread that you think was the best read this month. Anyone who participates in this thread will be given this award, but we ask that you don't nominate your own threads. Go out and read other people's threads! <3
      Previous Winners:
      • everyone goes south now and then
      • under pressure
      • Lonely Ghosts Come A Calling
      • Faces of cerulean oceans Mirroring stars and sable skies
      • Ocean man take me by the hand lead me to the land
      • Don't Be Afraid I Won't Stray Down the Dark Path
      • like dust in the rain
      • Bump!
      • Quick Sweep for a Dangerous Pursuit
      • Something in the water
      • homework six: familial ties

    • Quote of the Month: "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!" Or something. This goes out to best dialogue this month, but can be used for any piece of writing on the site. Again, don't nominate your own writing, okay?
      Previous Winners:
      • Nick Phoenix
      • Chun Hei Moon
      • Vitalli
      • Rowan Blakeslee
      • Asami Himura
      • David Dresden
      • Jasper Cornig
      • Lilith Akinya
      • Adam Savalas
      • Mano del Rosario
      • Kalervo Arias

      Bellow is the code you can copy for your nominations! Please provide links where necessary (threads and quotes especially) and we especially appreciate if you comment your reasons for nominations. Anyone who puts in a nomination will get 100₽ just for participating, so get out there!

      [b]Member of the Month:[/b]
      [b]Character of the Month: [/b]
      [b]Duo of the Month:[/b]
      [b]Pokemon of the Month:[/b]
      [b]Thread of the Month:[/b]
      [b]Quote of the Month:[/b]

user posted image Here's a few updates to keep everyone in the know-how on what's going on with PLEDGE! user posted image

user posted image Our site is no longer on "lock-down"! Click to reveal!
    A huge thank you to everyone for being so patient while the site was hidden from guests and new accounts needed manual validation. We want to make sure that PLEDGE stays a safe place for everyone, so during rough patches this is usually the easiest solution. That's all over now though, and everything went smoothly and safely so we hope it wasn't too inconvenient! We don't plan on doing that again anytime soon, so go ahead and get back into advertising everyone!

user posted image Next month is the One Year Anniversary of PLEDGE! Click to reveal!
    We opened on June 1st last year, and it's been absolutely amazing to see how PLEDGE has grown and thrived in the past year. Expect a bunch of celebration starting next month, including new awards and more! We want to thank everyone for making this first year go by so fast, without our wonderful members this place couldn't be as fantastic as it is. <3

user posted image Next up is a few reminders about events, contests and more! user posted image

user posted image Mount Aduro is still casting ash across Ho'ohiki! Participate in collecting soot and our many new jobs! Click to reveal!
    Mount Aduro has erupted, and it's spewing ash and soot all over the region! We have a huge number of new jobs that can be taken up by anyone at any time, all you need is a partner!

    You can also receive a free soot sack, which will let you collect soot to turn into handy flutes, so make sure to grab one while you can!

    This event will be affecting Journey Threads for the foreseeable future, so please do keep that in mind and check out the thread explaining this big site-wide event!

user posted image Lastly, please make sure your PCs are up to date and linked in your character's miniprofile! Click to reveal!
    Recently we've asked our moderating team to keep closer tabs on people's PCs to ensure that they are up to date. The team in your UCP should match your PC, and everything should be up to date! If it isn't, mods will be posting in your journey threads asking you to update them before they will mod your thread.

    If you would like an easy to use PC Code, check out the one our lovely Global Mod Sloth made! We'll likely be pinning a thread in the PC forum as an example of what a PC must have, as well as useful codes like these. If you have any questions in the meanwhile, don't hesitate to ask one of the staff!

    Thank you to everyone for being so great about getting your PCs and miniprofiles in tip top shape! With our growing memberbase, it makes things a lot easier on mods to have all of the information readily available.

user posted image And now for a bunch of new updates, events, and a whole lot more! user posted image

user posted image Keep a look out for dragons at Professor Coral's Lighthouse this month! Click to reveal!
    user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
    Professor Coral has a new batch of beautiful starters to choose from! From now on, any thread made to get a Pokemon will see a new batch of adorable Pokemon to choose from!

user posted image Check out our newest APR-MAY swarms! Click to reveal!
    New SWARMS are out! There's a huge chance of encountering these Pokemon if a Swarm is happening, and often in large groups. If you see a Pokemon you like, now's the chance to go hunting for them! These swarms will be changing by the end of the month, so get them while you can!

    user posted image
    PALOSSAND are hexing Vetus Isle!
    Buried beneath the castle are masses of dried-up bones from those whose vitality it has drained.

    Tourists from all over are find themselves captivated by the strange sandcastle ghosts! Who will save them?

    user posted image
    ONIX have dug their way into Niveus Pass!
    Burrows at high speed in search of food. The tunnels it leaves are used as homes by Diglett.

    Tearing up the beautiful landscape, these Onix are in the search of food on the verge of a frenzied mating season.

    user posted image
    DITTO are hiding in Corsola Cove!
    It can reorganize its cells to make itself into a duplicate of anything it sees. The quality of the duplicate depends on the individual.

    What better way to ruin a fragile system than to pretend to be one of the locals! Ditto are devastating the coral reefs around the cove and all under the guise of Corsola.

    user posted image
    CHIMECHO are singing around Odonton!
    Chimecho makes its cries echo inside its hollow body. When this Pokémon becomes enraged, its cries result in ultrasonic waves that have the power to knock foes flying

    Its truly a beautiful day in the beginnings of spring when the Chinglings evolve and begin singing around town.

    user posted image
    EMPOLEON are nesting in the Tundra!
    The three horns that extend from its beak attest to its power. The leader has the biggest horns.

    Its that time of year! Crowds of hundreds of Empoleon have come to the Tundra to start families of their very own! It is truly a beautiful sight to behold.

    user posted image
    AEGISLASH are search all over Quod Vorago!
    Generations of kings were attended by these Pokémon, which used their spectral power to manipulate and control people and Pokémon.

    An army of Aegislash have manifested on the forbidden island of Quod Vorago. They are searching for something. What could it be?

    user posted image
    TURTONATOR have appeared in Aduro Pass!
    It gushes fire and poisonous gases from its nostrils. Its dung is an explosive substance and can be put to various uses.

    As the volcano continues to spew lava, the Turtonator stay resolutely in place along the pass.

    user posted image
    SLUGMA have fled to Una Way!
    Molten magma courses throughout Slugma's circulatory system. If this Pokémon is chilled, the magma cools and hardens. Its body turns brittle and chunks fall off, reducing its size.

    Still displaced from the volcano they are currently enjoying the ability to melt all the metal in Una Way.

user posted image Events will be getting a revamp soon, for now here's a few ongoing events! Click to reveal!
    user posted image These events are still ongoing. You can join them at any time, so have at it, friends!

    Eyes of the Forest Cry -- An air of serious uncertainly has fallen over Stripes and its forest. Bringing attention to how unusual the strange Noctowls seemed to be acting. A child's scream echo's from the forest, now is anyone brave enough to search them out?

    Turf Wars -- A gang of Machop and a gang of Nidoran are fighting each other! Will you pick a side, or try to stop them before someone gets hurt?

    Come Little Children -- A Shiny Phantump has escaped Keone Pekelo's clutches... But will it escape Piscari Town, or be captured by the fierce Feraligatr, Wahala, and the local poachers?

    user posted image If you happen to have a character nearby, consider throwing them into one of these threads! Event completion always comes with prizes, and what happens might influence the world more drastically than you might expect. Event threads are one of the rare modded threads that you can participate in alongside a journey thread, so don't wait! Join today!

user posted image Looking for some reading material? Why not check out today's thread spotlights? Click to reveal!
    Below are some threads that our Staff has picked out to showcase. If you have suggestions for future thread spotlights, message Shafaer with the links.

    Oh, How He Suffers Me -- Starting off with a journey thread that threatens for either an amazing or horrible time, Jago's decided to set off into the Deluge. With nothing but a level five Riolu. I'm sure nothing could go horribly wrong here, folks. But hey, maybe the spooky ghost jellyfish can convince them that only death awaits this daredevil!

    What Do We Have Here? -- Annika and her darling Lilianne have found a mysterous egg! After helping heal an injured pokemon, they've even been allowed to keep it... This is an open thread, and right now the pair are enjoying lunch, so why not go say hello and see if you can figure out what might be in her egg?

    Maximum Effort -- Speaking of eggs, with the latest egg giveaways plenty of people have come across some eggs... But not every egg is gotten through the best of intentions. This is the thread from our QotM, and it's 100% worth it, especially with what the egg hatches to at the end of the thread!

    roll the bones CW -- Speaking of eggs gotten through sketchy means, hoboy this is a rough thread. Taking place in some of the seediest dens in Piscari, there's pokemon and human fighting involved, and a bit of death... Not a happy thread, but Ailani gets a new partner out of the situation, so I'm sure she's pretty stoaked.

    Into the Dark -- The Pullus Maze is a great place to explore, and Alexis and her partners Singe and Boreas are certainly in for some bonding in the dark, winding tunnels. Will they get lost? Or will they come out of it closer than ever? Only one way to find out!

    lost at sea -- Iris is too soft and good for this world, and the sweet grandma dragon brings back an egg to her poacher Fumiko. Of course, the human has to decide if eating the egg or keeping it is more worth it. Will Iris' puppy dog eyes get to Fumiko, or will the poacher do what poachers do best and make a poached egg? This thread is actually heartwarming, so please do check it out.

    Welcome to the Crew -- Welcome to the Crew is still a thread I can't recommend enough. Seeing Lilith and Fred Green interact is a joy, and having a senior ranger show a newbie the ropes is still pretty great. It's finally finished, and absolutely worth the read when you get a chance!

    Hey you -- It's not every day we get a Delta Pokemon here on Pledge, and this funky little gal that hatched out of Alarice's egg is probably one of the most colorful we've had so far. This thread mostly features some training between Alarice's party, and it's pretty fun!

    Chlorine Water Battle -- Last but certainly not least is a fantastic gym challenge by Alarice Jansen! In one of the first of many to come battles against Gym Leader Sharon Waters of Okeanos Town, it's looking like Alarice might just earn her gym badge if she keeps it up! Check out this thread if you want to see just what a gym battle is like on Pledge, cause this one is certainly heating up!

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