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Local Pokémon: Murkrow Shedninja Phantump Ariados Pumpkaboo
With all of its residences, shops, and storage built into the treeline, Stipes is full of floating and climbing Pokémon, able to traverse the series of elaborate treehouses with ease. Shedinjas are the city's unofficial mascot, as with every season they are helped to survive away from their Ninjask counterparts, and revered as sacred by the locals. It is highly illegal to collect these without full permission from the High Council of Celebi. Ariados and Pumpkaboo settle in the crooks of tree limbs, the docile spiders harvested for their silk, while Phantump are often treated in a similar fashion to mourning, as they are believed to be carrying the souls of lost family members and friends to safety. Stipes' official bird is Murkrow.
The center of the islands for pious studies, Stipes developed almost completely solitary from the rest of the landscape, centering around a deep respect for the forest and Celebi, its guardian. Hallowed shrines dot the multiple clearings that protect its many logging sites, and the give-and-take relationship established between nature and man is taken very seriously, to the point of outsiders who aren't loggers themselves being mistrusted. Break into their culture, however, and find a welcoming expanse of rich history, honest workers, and a passion for the humane treatment for Pokémon. The oldest official gym of the islands rests in the center of Stipes, a sprawling tree house inhabited by trainers of Bug and Ghost-type Pokémon. The population of Stipes is reminiscent of Buddhist monks and nuns, with a dialect primarily inspired by Thai.
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