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Local Pokémon: Pidove Pichu Elekid Helioptile Pawniard
With cities come pests, and Uberrime has its fair share of annoyingly domesticated Pokémon. Pichu and Elekid form strange social packs, working together to rifle through the bits and pieces left outside of diners and cafes. Helioptile, originally introduced to feed on the massive Pichu infestation, are now just as big of a nuisance, sunning themselves on the stone sidewalks and occasionally snacking on the overweight Pidove that flock to Uberrime. Pawniard trained by the local branch of Rangers work to keep crime - at least, the obvious kind - to a minimum. Uberrime's official bird is Pidove.
The very definition of opulence, Uberrime is packed to the brim with shining metal buildings, bustling shopping centers, and the latest in technology from researchers around the island - and even from other regions. Far and away the most advanced city for miles, Uberrime boasts a multi-story gym, highlighting Steel and Electric-type Pokémon, along with an alternative route through which those less inclined to fight can answer puzzling questions to advance. Those with scientific interests will be right at home, especially researchers, who will no doubt find work in any field they please. Breeders, however, may find themselves up a proverbial stream without a proverbial paddle, as Uberrime's population is inundated with the latest in pure blooded oddities and attractive award-winning Pokémon. Oddly, Uberrime seems to have no discernible culture, nor has it ever...

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A series of islands plastered in warning signs and caution tape, letting locals and tourists alike know to stay far, far away. With no official name and an unknown past, the bits of decrepit land have been nicknamed after the abyss they resemble, with only the hardiest of -, -, and -type Pokémon inhabiting the broken down buildings which dot the horizon.
5 23 Mar 9 2018, 05:42 AM
In: A Cry in the Dark
By: Wild Pokémon

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>  Uberrime City
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