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Local Pokémon: Braviary Chingling Vanillite Nincada Trapinch
The rugged sherpa society of Odonton is full of equally rough and only mildly human-friendly Pokémon, the more outwardly aggressive species chased off long ago. Those that still bother the city's residents generally root through trash cans for scraps, given the almost complete lack of vegetation at the mountain's peak. Chimecos hang from the ropes crisscrossing the sky overhead, warning of approaching snowstorms, and Vanillite are consistently confused for free ice cream. Trapinches, considered pests by the locals, are often picked off by traveling poachers to sell to the masses. Odonton's official bird is Braviary.
Named for its tooth-like mountain ranges and the multitude of savage wild Pokémon who live just outside its gates. The people aren't very welcoming, either. The few outsiders who do brave the cold to get to Odonton generally do so to face its Ice / Ground-type gym on their quest to become the next Champion, but for those who are less inclined to fight, the city holds a plethora of supplies not found anywhere else above sea level. With a culture startlingly similar to that of the sherpa group of Nepal, Odonton natives speak primarily Nepali, but most have learned to translate for easier trading with the increased number of trainers visiting their frigid getaway.
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