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Local Pokémon: Doduo Watchog Tauros Bouffalant Miltank Herdier
A ranch town at its core, Agri is full of hoofed beasts of burden, almost all of which are domesticated. Tauros and Bouffalant are kept in tight herds for their meat, while Miltank sprawl in larger pens for their healing milk. Herdier work to keep the herds in check, while Dodrio and Rapidash are ridden by ranchers. Agri's official bird is Doduo.
Populated and maintained almost entirely by farmers and ranchers, Agri is booming with the breeding trade, with its citizens employing the bartering system when it comes to pawning off crops and meat for labor. Although trainers are generally looked down upon as less useful than breeders or the aforementioned farmers, they may be interested in the town's Normal-type gym, which also accepts a hard month's work in exchange for a badge, rather than the usual fighting spree. Almost all of Agri's native population is black, with dialects primarily stemming from an African origin, including Somali, Berber, Yoruba, and Swahili.
Watchog have officially become invasive pests in Agri Town! They seem to be here to stay.

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>  Agri Town
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