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Local Pokémon: Skarmory Voltorb Electrike Emolga Rhyhorn
Dangerous and completely unused to human interaction, the Pokémon within the encampments of Procella Prairie hunt in packs, attacking campers for food and sport. Residents are advised not to engage, and many a tent has been abandoned because of the frequent rampages. Indeed, herds of Rhyhorn originally introduced to draw the ever-present lightning away have instead become the area's worst pest problem, drawing massive thunderclouds with their groups as they travel. Procella's official bird is Skarmory.
Burdened by nigh-constant thunder and rain, what could otherwise be a quite nice retreat from the harsh wilderness that spans the islands isn't suitable for most anything to live, much less a proper settlement. Electric-, Steel- and Flying-type Pokémon are abundant to almost absurd quantities due to a total lack of natural predators, making this a hotspot for trainers and researchers alike. Clusters of tents dot the landscape erratically, the only sign of the small groups of settlers who've decided to brave the weather, all of whom are much too scattered and fluid to ever form a true cultural background.
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