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Local Pokémon: Wingull Clamperl Buizel Slowpoke Marill
Okeanos' residential Pokémon are generally very domesticated and comfortable around humans, as all aggressive Pokémon have been driven out of town by the tourism boards. Clamperl, rarely seen in the wild, are harvested here, collected in large man-made basins and kept for their useful pearl-creating abilities. Okeanos' official bird is Wingull.
A vibrant port town, earning capital from large transport ships which service the rest of the island, Okeanos draws in gym leaders, breeders, ranchers, and researchers alike with its variety of shopping options and official -type gym. As a relatively new settlement, many inhabitants of Okeanos are foreigners from other regions, and cultural tension is often high between these newcomers and those who were originally natives of Piscari. Recently settled tourists range all the way from French immigrants to Indonesian newcomers, creating a vibrant and diverse culture that can sometimes boil over with the many cultural differences between new and old residents.
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>  Not As Easy As It Seems, Interaction - Cyrus
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 Scrap posted at Sep 13 2017, 10:14 AM
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Scrap leaned casually against the wall, tucked into the shadows between two buildings; if you could call them shadows, it was really more like shade. With the sun being as bright as it was and the port town being pretty openly laid out, it was hard to get true shadows at this time of day. The girl hated the acrid clouds and the foul smelling, eye stinging ash that came with them, but they made being stealthy and hiding much easier. So, she couldn't be in real shadows, but she was at least tucked off to the side where she was less likely to be noticed. Her hands were shoved into the pockets of her too-large shorts, held up by a length of string, and one of her bare feet were moving up and down restlessly. Scratch and Bones were further in the alley and well out of sight unless someone was standing right in the mouth of the alley.

The street kid had done really well in Okeanos; stealing from vendors had proven pretty easy, until they caught onto to her and learned to recognize her Pokemon. After that, she started focusing on tourists, which proved just as simple, if not less lucrative. Her main concern was surviving and not growing weak and that meant mostly stealing food. She would snag her fair share of items as well, but it was getting harder to sell them and it was just an extra step before they got supplies they needed. It was reaching the point where she needed to be able to get her hands on cash and more directly, the better. The stalls in the marketplace were too well guarded and watched, so she was back to tourists. Today, she was going to try to pickpocket someone, she just had to chose her mark.

Her eyes sparked with interested in as she spotted a heavily built man exiting one of the shops across the street while dropping his wallet into his the pocket of his light weight jacket. Having seen him place it, she knew exactly where it was. She took a deep breath and brushed her dull blond hair from her eyes; it was getting too long. She needed to cut it soon or else pretending to be a boy would be harder. "Here goes nothing." She mumbled to herself for slipping out of the alley. She slipped across the street and planted herself where he was walking toward her, but she was concealed around a corner. A few seconds passed before she threw herself around the corner and ran down the sidewalk, pretending to look back over her shoulder. Just a few steps and she collided with the portly man. She tried slipping her hand into his pocket on contact, but she either ran into him too hard or she underestimated how much his stomach would bounce her back.

She was sent stumbling back, her fingers wrapped around the wallet, but the bulk of it catching the hem of the pocket and a resounding rip sounded between them. The man stood there a bit stunned, blinking down at what appeared to be blond-headed boy sprawled on their backside and holding his wallet. Scrap stared up at the stranger with wide, guilty eyes, finding it hard to move. When his face turned red, however, she scrambled to her feet and tried to bolt. She wasn't quit fast enough and the furious tourist snatched her by the arm. No, no, no, no! Her mind screamed as she dropped the billfold and spoke out. "Let go! You have your wallet! Let me go!" His grip was like iron and she was starting to panic. Scratch was a purple blur erupting from their hiding place and she was streaking toward the man holding her girl, intent on ripping his face to shreds when she got there.


((I can resolve this and get her out of it if you like before Cyrus approaches her, or he can save her. Your call. ^-^))

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