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Local Pokémon: Fletchling Sunkern Cherubi Skiddo Deerling
Treated more like pets than pests, the local wildlife of Campana is extremely docile, especially thanks to their free access to chunks of Eviolite from construction sites. It's common to see "wild" Pokémon adorned with ribbons and bells, a sign of just how close Campana's human residents are to their environment. Campana's official bird is Fletchling.
Quite possibly the most normal, comforting town in the region, Campana Town is a hub for breeders, ranchers, and the odd trainer, proudly boasting the official Grass-type gym of the island's league - a point of pride for such a small settlement. Made up of a series of gently rolling hills, Campana's homes are built into the earth, creating a hidden city of tunnels and passageways - and making it a good place to hide away from the pressures of city life. Because their entire infrastructure is built into the earth, mining is hugely important in Campana, with much of their income coming from the accidental excavation of precious metals and gems, including Eviolite. With an almost startlingly mixed population, Campana welcomes outsiders with open arms, and has become a mini hub of diversity, with the original culture being nearly lost by this point in time. Older natives do have a heavy Irish brogue, however, and most of the population is white.
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