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Local Pokémon: Starly Flabébé Mime Jr. Snubble Cleffa
With flower boxes lining every street, polished white stone buildings towering in the air and dozens of Flabébé floating gently through the breeze, Caecus is a fairy-type lover's paradise, filled with Pokémon who have grown extremely used to human contact. Feral Snubbull are often simply adopted from off the streets, while Mime Jr.s and Cleffas collect the scraps fallen from the opulent outdoor dining tables of overpriced cafes. Caecus' official bird is Starly.
Both larger and more heavily populated than its sister-town of Campana, Caecus is just on the verge of being deemed a true city, complete with the corruption and greed to go with the title. Researchers will feel right at home with the local focus on TMs, performance-enhancing drugs, and less than legal training techniques, while trainers themselves may be interested in the recently installed Fairy-type gym, which boasts both its challenge and high fashion. Driving their prosperity through transport, clothing manufacturing, and a black market linked directly to Piscari, Caecus is a home-away-from-home for those less than inclined to follow the word of the law. Its original population is largely light-skinned, with a mix of French and British dialects.

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>  Caecus Town
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