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Local Pokémon: Hawlucha Tyrogue Rattata Meowth Aipom
Rife with poachers, illegal Pokémon fighting rings, and other shady goings-on, Piscari is home to a rough-and-tumble crew of half wild, half domesticated Pokémon. Running in packs, Rattatas and Aipoms are known to steal food from vendors in the markets, while Meowths manage to procure spare fish heads and the like through their charm. Piscari's official bird is Hawlucha.
A rural fishing village occupied by fishmongers and fishermen, subsisting mostly on a diet of, you guessed it: water-type Pokémon. Trainers are few and far between, with not a gym leader in sight. Black-market trading and unlicensed fighting are popular among those who do wander through, generally on their way to the less seedy town of Okeanos. The drug trade is also rampant in Piscari, with many of its fighters in human fighting rings being addicted to heroin or cocaine. Rangers are often treated with suspicion and disrespect, while poachers are welcomed among the ranks. Piscari's dialect and population mixes Japanese and Hawaiian influences, resulting in an almost entirely new pattern of speech, and a tendency for natives to be named in either style.

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