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Local Pokémon: Wingull Clamperl Buizel Slowpoke Marill
Okeanos' residential Pokémon are generally very domesticated and comfortable around humans, as all aggressive Pokémon have been driven out of town by the tourism boards. Clamperl, rarely seen in the wild, are harvested here, collected in large man-made basins and kept for their useful pearl-creating abilities. Okeanos' official bird is Wingull.
A vibrant port town, earning capital from large transport ships which service the rest of the island, Okeanos draws in gym leaders, breeders, ranchers, and researchers alike with its variety of shopping options and official -type gym. As a relatively new settlement, many inhabitants of Okeanos are foreigners from other regions, and cultural tension is often high between these newcomers and those who were originally natives of Piscari. Recently settled tourists range all the way from French immigrants to Indonesian newcomers, creating a vibrant and diverse culture that can sometimes boil over with the many cultural differences between new and old residents.
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Towering over Okeanos Town, its majestic port lighthouse is a testament to its technological advancements over Piscari. Pristine white stone is adorned with elaborately painted images of Kyogre and Lugia, the twin gods of the oceans, as a flashy warning for large boats not to get too comfortable in their relative safety.
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