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>  Fortune and Glory, Curlykarp's Plotter
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 CurlyKarp posted at Sep 12 2017, 06:17 PM
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Howdy do everyone! Welcome to my plotter. I've currently got two characters for anyone who wants to interact or plot with. Chris Spade and Andre Anderson. I'm pretty open to ideas and willing to thread with any peeps who wanna RP. If you're interested in starting a thread with either of my characters so far, feel free to shoot me a PM or comment here with any ideas of what you wanna do, and we'll figure it out from there.

To give you a better idea of what you're working with, I'll try to summarize what Chris and Andre are all about.

Chris is a hard headed trainer who means well and likes to hunt for treasure. He also enjoys Pokemon battling when he's not looking for work to get by and to support those important to him back in Sinnoh. He's not the smartest cookie, and has some baggage in forming meaningful relationships but I would greatly appreciate having someone for Chris to battle or just hang out with, maybe go on an adventure or two out in the wild. He's not opposed to making friends, just very hesitant to at this point in his life because of aforementioned baggage. I encourage anyone who's down to thread with Chris to try if it suits their character, as he doesn't really want to be alone.

I'd also be interested in having Chris make a few enemies, much as the character himself would rather avoid being in anyone's cross hairs. Acquiring an enemy could make for a fun dynamic.

Rivals are also welcome, as Chris does like his battles. Having someone to compete with may eventually open the gates to friendship or acquiring a nemesis.

In terms of lovers he's even more hesitant than making friends since he doesn't feel like he's ready for that level of commitment. When confronted with things like romance or love he tends to shy away from the subject.

At the moment he is most comfortable making acquaintances. People that he knows but isn't particularly attached to who he may or may not meet on occasion.

Andre on the other hand... Well he's a piece of work. He is a Poacher who lives for himself and those he calls his own. He does whatever it takes to survive and enjoys the little things in life. On the outside he is an easy going guy who likes to have fun, sometimes at the expense of others. Almost everyone else is just a means to an end to him until proven otherwise. To those unfamiliar with him he can be considered just a tall brute who's a pain to deal with.

But underneath the pro life and self indulgent attitude he has on the surface lies a man who desires power and recognition. Most who get in his way or try to ruin his fun are at risk to the full extent of his wrath, which can get really ugly. He's made a few enemies in his time at Piscari, and it wouldn't surprise him if he made many more within his lifetime.

Those who have shown Andre that they are not base prey and can hold their own against him often get more mileage out of him than say a bug catcher who's mad at him for taking their bug net to use as a back scratcher. He calls everyone who he involves himself with some type of friend, though the man tends to twist the meaning of the word quite a bit. His true friends are far and few in between.

He sees rivals as competition that he should stomp out at some point or keep around for entertainment depending on how much fun they are to mess with.

In terms of romance he understands the concept but hasn't dabbled much in it on the understanding that love is something that can make even the strongest stumble and forget themselves. That doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate the finer details of those who are attractive, he just keeps his feelings on the matter vague to keep himself safe from the potentially poisonous honey that is love.

So what am I seeking for the two?

For Chris: People to battle, peeps to go on adventures with, potential friends to help him deal with his baggage, rivals for him to better himself and keep up with the potential to evolve into a friend or nemesis in the art of battle, a string of acquaintances to know and occasionally interact with, enemies, etc

For Andre: People to battle, a drinking buddy, potential targets to steal from, a few strong peeps to keep him in check and make him work for his jolly ranchers, some individuals to cause mayhem with, A food buddy, etc.

Again, I'm open to ideas, so If you wanna thread feel free to let me know what you have in mind. In the meantime, thanks for taking the time to read my plotter. I hope you guys have a good one. Peace! ^_^ - b

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