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Beginnings Are Much Better Than Endings
Uberrime City Chet Harp 6 23 18 minutes ago
Last Post by: Chet Harp
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Or do the feeling haunt you? I know the feeling haunt you (Pages 1 2 )
Interaction w/Josh
Uberrime City Nymph Govander 34 161 24 minutes ago
Last Post by: Nymph Govander
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New and Old Friends
Justin, Josh, Benedetta
Campana Town Benedetta Rosa 13 50 44 minutes ago
Last Post by: Josh Rallen
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A Business Meeting (Pages 1 2 )
Campana Town Riscal Ash 22 167 Today at 05:00 pm
Last Post by: Riscal Ash
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The Prince and the Lion (Pages 1 2 )
Tag: Liam
Uberrime City Aureliusz Volkov 21 141 Today at 03:42 pm
Last Post by: Aureliusz Volkov
No New Posts Open
It's hard knock life
Campana Town Freya 3 63 Today at 03:21 pm
Last Post by: Seraphyne Ashfield
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Caecus' Breeding Rings (Pages 1 2 )
Caecus Town Professor Coral 21 728 Today at 02:38 pm
Last Post by: Keandre Travere
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Magical Mayhem
an active future Harry Potter Roleplay
Affiliates and Ads -Molly Josephine- 0 3 Today at 02:25 pm
Last Post by: -Molly Josephine-
No New Posts Private
A wonderful mistake
Solo/Adoption/egg hatch.
Okeanos Town Erika "Pixie" Taylor 4 25 Today at 02:15 pm
Last Post by: Erika "Pixie" Taylor
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The Traveler's Map!
(Traveler's Plotter/Daybook)
Plotting Central The Traveler 6 99 Today at 02:09 pm
Last Post by: Novae
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Finn/John's Pc
(two personalities, one body)
Personal Computers Finn McClory 0 6 Today at 01:30 pm
Last Post by: Finn McClory
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Face Claim List
A thread for claiming faces!
Accepted Characters Matt 4 2577 Today at 01:03 pm
Last Post by: blaze
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Character Directory (Pages 1 2 3 ...7 )
Looking for someone? Look no further!
Accepted Characters Matt 135 3558 Today at 01:00 pm
Last Post by: blaze
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Sugar to Help the Pain Go Down
Interaction - Liam
Uberrime City Zee 1 8 Today at 10:49 am
Last Post by: Liam Byron
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Interaction Claim (Pages 1 2 3 ...18 )
For finished non-Journey threads!
Updates Shafaer 351 4816 Today at 08:48 am
Last Post by: Valrun Black
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Tired of being what you want me to be; feeling so faithless (Pages 1 2 )
Interaction w/Val
Campana Town Akiko Kumori 33 120 Today at 08:44 am
Last Post by: Valrun Black
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; so what? 'least i had the strength to fight (Pages 1 2 )
Caecus Town Valrun Black 25 230 Today at 08:31 am
Last Post by: Julian Klimek
No New Posts Open
; it's harder than i thought to tell the truth
open to 1-2
Caecus Town Valrun Black 11 77 Today at 08:18 am
Last Post by: Keandre Travere
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Why do this to yourself
Interaction- leslie
ROUTE 7: The Ten-Thousand Steps Scott Mason 4 43 Today at 07:28 am
Last Post by: Scott Mason
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We could be exploding things right now
Interaction- Sun, Matthias
Odonton City Scott Mason 11 71 Today at 06:44 am
Last Post by: Sun Rhyu
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I Need A Hero
Interaction w/Justin/Tenma
Caecus Town Lily Flowers 16 119 Today at 06:01 am
Last Post by: Justin Locre
No New Posts Journey
the cold never bothered me anyway
seeking Trapinch
Odonton City Aureliusz Volkov 3 70 Today at 05:49 am
Last Post by: Mihir Bahl
No New Posts Journey
A journey begins
A Future Decided
ROUTE 10: Lake Lebes Zaire Adema 15 271 Today at 05:46 am
Last Post by: Wild Pokémon
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the pursuit of unintentional humor
prv. Lily Flowers
Caecus Town David Dedrick 2 21 Today at 05:38 am
Last Post by: David Dedrick
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; it's good to see the sun and feel this place
Caecus Town Valrun Black 2 25 Today at 04:52 am
Last Post by: Valrun Black
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