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>  Benedetta Rose, Breeder / 24 / Kalos
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17 years old
Please don't feel bad to remind me of things! I forget to write things down/keep track so that I don't forget them. If it's been a few days on anything I probably forgot and won't get mad to be reminded, promise!
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 Dragon posted at Feb 12 2018, 03:14 AM
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benedetta larot rosa
CLASS >>>>

AGE >>>>



I'm perfectly incomplete I'm still working on my masterpiece and I I wanna hang with the greatest gotta Way to go, but it's worth the wait, no You haven't seen the best of me I'm still working on my masterpiece
Appearances can be deceiving...

Benedetta is a woman of ever changing style. She will be in whatever is trendy and whatever makes her like what she sees in the mirror. Her outfits and many in number and fairly varied in just about every aspect. The only real consistencies are that she is very rare to wear shorts or anything that doesn't fall below her knees, and she will usually have some sort of accessory and pokemon with her.

Being a breeder of many pokemon, even her companion will change regularly. She loves to give them all attention individually, but often finds that she doesn't have the time to do so given how much she needs to work to care for them all. Still this pokemon will always be cute and usually pink of some description, she had a very girlish affinity for these kinds of pokemon.

As she walks she holds a floaty air to her step, being with fairy pokemon so often would give her this floating and whimsical quality. Additionally she would exude a certain confidence in her step and entire form. She walks as though the world is her oyster and regularly smiles a bright and joyful smile of someone who luck and life have been kind to. Her voice is one of the more noticeable features that she presents. It's high, flighty as her step, and with a faint air of Italian to it. The way she talks it's quite clear that English is not her first language and rather it's Italian, but she is very fluid in English, plenty enough to communicate well.

But people change with the wind...

- Benedetta is a woman of fashion and social media. You'll find her more on the web and on apps then any real life scenario. Every account will be flooded with pics of her lovely fairies, whatever outfit she's thrown together day, and anything else that interests her. She takes a selfish vein pride in herself with all of it, and openly admits that this why she does it and relishes in every follower or like that she collects.

- Every pokemon she meets is just as good as the last one and the woman is never not ready to get herself yet another baby to care for, breed, and otherwise love immensely. She refuses to battle with her best friends herself but can understand the allure of such a pastime and will refrain judgement on anyone that does so purely on grounds of their battling. She will happily sell pokemon to trainers, other breeders, gym leaders, anyone all the same.

- Any pokemon that she comes across is a viable candidate to be brought back to her 'ranch', but fairy and other cutesy pokemon are her definite favorites, as they outnumber anything else at least 3-1 in her breeding.

- Benedetta is a lesbian. She is only interested in females but in still in a questionable stage of figuring out who her 'type' is/what she enjoys in another woman. It's not very high on her priorities at the moment but it is something that she is struggling with.

- She is a woman who is very direct and consistent about her goals. She will push through and finish any project she starts even if she loses interest halfway through, because it happens often. It annoys Benedetta unending to have unfinished projects and half completed littering her life and she will make it priority to complete them or completely scrap them before moving on. Even when she quits she forces herself to commit to her quitting.

- This woman's place of living is as clean as it can possibly be given that she lives with so many pokemon. Being able to afford a separate living situation or ranch for all her lovelies is high on her priorities list but requires so much work that it has become a long term project for possibly the next few years. A messy room or house to her is like having obvious screw ups in her daily makeup. There's no reason for it, especially if she has plenty of time to clean it up.

So who you were is not who you are.

As a small girl Benedetta was not desparaged in the slightest. Her mother was a fashion model in the big city and her dad quit high fashion only a year before she left for Ho'ohiki. They were both gorgeous and typically beautiful humans, fitting a perfect stereotype of models and 'perfect' humans. They each kept a pokemon for publicity sake, apparently it is helpful to one's image as a model to have a cutesy pokemon to call their own. Her mother kept a nice and locally caught flabebe by the name of 'Lily' who went with her everywhere she went. Similarly, her dad kept a pachirisu by the ironic name of 'Waters' who was often caught running around with Lily and playing chase.

In the midst of all this, Benedetta lived in the lap of luxury, but was majorly ignored by both her parents. She frequently had different babysitters as she grew up and slowly gained her best attachment to Waters, who joined her father on trips much less often than Lily joined mother for one reason or another. She heard about her parents and saw photos of them as she pleased but never got to really feel connected to them in any way. Throughout this childhood she nearly had to work not to grow disdain for them, but they were sure to make her understand if nothing else. They were off making money and that was how she got to eat and have a house in a city where everyone lived in apartments.

This complex and somewhat in flux living style of this gave Benedetta a lot of her personality. The girl is quick to find inspiration to do big and grandiose things but is often lost on how to even begin. While it's hard to knock her off course once she's there, a lot of her ideas are deflected the moment they hit the drawing board due to a lack of realism. Her parents refused to allow her to get into the fashion industry, both believing that it wasn't very worth it with how they'd seen the business, and insisted she do quite literally anything else.

When she said that she wanted to move to Ho'ohiki and become a breeder, both her parents were loving and supportive of the endeavor. They knew she'd always been good to their pokemon when they were left at home, and loved the creatures more than most humans. They funded a small home for her and her adventures and happily saw her off to the new land, waving goodbye like the classic movies they all loved.

This is your new beginning.
set a or b;
Set B
Starter pokemon + Random fairy egg
other items;
Kalos pokedex

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