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 Sebastene Mikaelic posted at Mar 13 2018, 04:17 AM
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Sebastene Mikaelic

At first, Ten can seem like a normal, if a bit shy, young girl. However, after spending enough time around her, it becomes obvious there is more to her. She is a thief, and not sorry about it. She sees it as necessary to get by, and holds a heavy resentment towards the Police Force.

For the most part Ten doesn't have friends - she has Allies. Nearly anyone can be her ally, so long as they have some sort of use for her. Despite her resentment and, to be quite frank, hatred of police, a policeman (or woman) is useful in that she can weasel inside information out of them. A stall owner can give her information on how often a target shows up at their stall.

However, if one tries very hard, and proves themself to her, you just might be able to become one of those rare friends. And if you do, somehow, manage to do so, you'll have a loyal friend for life, one who will give her life to save yours.

Despite not being a great person, it is surprisingly hard to become Ten's enemy. She can even be affable to policemen (and women), so long as they don't bother her or her own. The most sure-fire way to become her enemy, however, is to threaten or harm her, her Pokemon, or those she is loyal to, including her allies.

If it's hard to become Ten's friend, it's even harder to become her Lover. That doesn't mean she doesn't want one, but she struggles to trust someone enough to count them as 'friend'. How could she count them as a lover? To be her lover, you'd have to be male, and share her point-of-view. You'll have to be able to get over her being a thief, and at least be neutral toward the police, or hae a negative view of them.

Thief. Two-Face. Watch your back.

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