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>  A New World, A PTA/PTU AU (Interest check)
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 Zaire Adema posted at Jun 7 2017, 03:40 PM
Quote ❝❞
The world of Pokemon as we know it is no longer. Ten long years of natural disasters have changed the landscape wildly, what was once mountains are now mere hills, creeks became rivers while old rivers dried up or moved. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, monsoons, and beyond strong storms have ravaged the world, decimating both human and pokemon populations.

Strangely, most disasters were centered around the major cities of the world, wiping them out. The remaining humans in each region soon gathered together, pooling limited resources to build a walled compound in an effort to protect them selves.

Now, three generations later, the compounds are full and looking to expand...

Time is referred to as ### RB (Rebirth)
It is commonly thought that the Arceus decreed that the world be cleansed and started anew
The Legendaries are thought to be deep asleep
Weather is still a little strong, but nowhere near the destructive power that it use to have
Pokemon have flourished in the years following the building of the compounds
Technology is scarce and so is resources (Few to none pokeballs!)

Alrighty, the Setting is rough I know, but I figure we can build as we go. This game will be using either PTA (Pokemon Tabletop Advenures) or PTU (Pokemon Tabletop United) and I will be your lovely GM! This will be a play-by-post game, played here.

(Please excuse any mistakes...I am new to GMing and PTA/PTU)

The general idea is this---> Here, look for #3.

I welcome ideas and I will do my best to answer questions!

a brief introduction of your character and skills should be all that is needed....I don't think we need to dig out the Classes section in the playbook....

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