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>  [Job] Searching for Partners, Looking for a variety of Pokemon
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 Sirhan Saifuddin posted at Apr 15 2018, 04:08 PM
Quote ❝❞
Client: Sirhan Saifuddin
Objective: Get him these Pokemon!
Place: Uberrime City
Reward: Cash. Please read information below.
Looking for Pokemon, I'm a Ranger with the Uberrime Division planning for additional team mates, however I require specific Pokemon to fill in certain positions and due to my work, I don't have the luxury of travel and the Pet Shop deals wth Domestics which don't fit my criteria. This is where you, travelling trainer or reputable breeder, come in. Do you have what I need?
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Sirhan has positions in his team to fill in! He'll be paying handsomely for these four Pokemon below and their prices are as listed;
  • Patrat - 400₽ for a basic Lvl5
  • Houndour - 500₽ for a basic Lvl5
  • Misdreavus - 450₽ for a basic Lvl5.
  • Buizel - 450₽ for a basic Lvl5.
Price can be increased by factors below.
  • +50₽ for every level
  • +50 to to 100₽ for Unique and Hidden Ability (Subjective to ability in question)
  • +50 to 100₽ for Egg/Tutored Move (Subjective to move in question)
  • +300 to 500₽ for Unique Quality (Subjective to quality in question)
  • +50 to to 100₽ for Unique Moves (Subjective to move in question)
  • Total Price after additions above doubles with Delta typing.
On sale agreement, your Pokeball will be reimbursed.
Non-Domestic only.
Poachers need not apply.

If you have one of these Pokemon you wish to sell, post here and a quote will be written up based on the price listing above which may be accepted or declined.

If a Pokemon has been caught, the Pokemon's listing will be removed.

This post has been edited by Sirhan Saifuddin: Apr 29 2018, 05:51 PM

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