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>  Jellyslugs and Jinxes, ICC Based HP Board
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 Jellyslugs and Jinxes Admin posted at Apr 15 2018, 04:20 PM
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    jellyslugs and jinxes is a different and unique type of post potter, role play site. primarily based around icc we have created a series of cboxes that allow students to role play in real time! posting is most certainly allowed, encouraged, and celebrated! the goal of jellyslugs and jinxes was to create a place for the busy role player, those players that love role playing, but sometimes full posts simply are not possible.

    site plot:

    the year is 2021.

    it has been 23 years since harry potter defeated the dark lord voldemort. his death eaters have long since dispersed to the far reaches of the globe for fear of arrest, even his most loyal followers returned to their mundane daily lives. it has been 23 years of quiet peace for the wizarding world. in that span of time, the survivors of the second wizarding war have started continued on with their lives. they have started careers, gotten married, and had children, content with the idea that the darkness had finally been defeated. their children are now students at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, some have even graduated and have begun to have lives of their own. it has been 25 years of rebuilding and the wizarding community had begun to move on. no one has forgotten that darkest period in wizarding history, especially those who want to extinguish the flame of peace and plunge the world back into darkness...

    there is a group of wizards destined to grace the history books in infamy.

    the dominion is a group of power hungry wizards who believe in the dark lords ideals that formed several years ago. despite laying low, they have gotten more organized in their solitude; though their numbers are small, they have been growing with each passing day.

    nothing ever stays a secret for very long. there has been talk of rebellion; there have been whispers of war. the order of the phoenix has been ever vigilant against the dark forces that lurk in the shadows, but the recent rumors have called for them to regroup.

    each group had done their fair share of preparing and placing their people in the places that matter. each group is preparing for war.

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