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No New Posts Okeanos Town
A vibrant port town, earning capital from large transport ships which service the rest of the island, Okeanos draws in gym leaders, breeders, ranchers, and researchers alike with its variety of shopping options and official gym. As a relatively new settlement, many inhabitants of Okeanos are foreigners from other regions, and cultural tension is often high between these newcomers and those who were originally natives of Piscari. Recently settled tourists range all the way from French immigrants to Indonesian newcomers, creating a vibrant and diverse culture that can sometimes boil over with the many cultural differences between new and old residents.

318 3784 Yesterday at 09:30 pm
In: Win a Prize
By: Matilda Bellerose
No New Posts ROUTE 1: The Milia
Getting their name from their seemingly endless appearance, the Milia spans the many beaches and islands that cover the coast of the island, supporting a thriving ecosystem of - and -type Pokémon, with the rare making its home at the edges of the crystal clear waters. Fishing is encouraged in these parts, especially for the use of trade with Piscari Town.
Subforums: THE DELUGE

71 888 Aug 11 2018, 08:45 PM
In: It Isn't in My Blood
By: Lily Flowers
No New Posts Piscari Town
A rural fishing village occupied by fishmongers and fishermen, subsisting mostly on a diet of, you guessed it: -type Pokémon. Trainers are few and far between, with not a gym leader in sight. Black-market trading and unlicensed fighting are popular among those who do wander through, generally on their way to the less seedy town of Okeanos. The drug trade is also rampant in Piscari, with many of its fighters in human fighting rings being addicted to heroin or cocaine. Rangers are often treated with suspicion and disrespect, while poachers are welcomed among the ranks. Piscari's dialect and population mixes Japanese and Hawaiian influences, resulting in an almost entirely new pattern of speech, and a tendency for natives to be named in either style.
65 701 Aug 13 2018, 06:26 AM
In: ; i can think of one thousa...
By: Kaelen Sosa
No New Posts ROUTE 2: Corsola Cove
Miniature islands, hardly large enough to support a single tree, dot the way to Hudor Reef, named for the clusters of poisonous Corsola which gather around their beaches. Fishermen steer clear of these road bumps, wary of being scraped against the rough Pokémon and subsequently stranded on a tiny landmass, surrounded by nothing but spiky pink doom.
Subforums: VETUS ISLE

16 100 Aug 1 2018, 09:44 PM
In: Remoraid are Swarming!
By: Wild Pokémon
No New Posts Hudor Reef
Glittering just under the water's surface and sprawling for miles, this reef edges the shore, and provides a hub for fishermen and trainers alike to catch -types, especially the abundant Corsola. Overzealous trainers may find themselves quickly outnumbered by the large schools of wild Pokémon, or even worse, fishermen who'd really rather you handed over that Magikarp, there... Those few souls who have chosen to live above the reef have created a mini colony of wooden boats and rafts, tied together by bridges of makeshift floats, and mostly consist of former Piscari residents, now separate from the land and having formed their own unique culture. Hudor natives have a deep respect for the ocean, and strictly ban fishing for any reason other than for food or direct linking. Poachers are immensely distrusted, and will have a hard time even talking to the locals.

11 67 Jul 14 2018, 03:06 AM
In: Thalassophobia
By: Wild Pokémon
No New Posts ROUTE 3: Procella Straits
Cultellus Reefs Miniature patches of coral reefs dot the area around Hudor Reef, grouped together under the nickname of Cultellus due to their diminutive size and surprisingly deadly nature. The empty, rotting hulls of small fishing boats and expensive freighters litter the shallows below, and hungry -types lurk in wait for their next easy meal...A gloomy passage leading to the even gloomier Procella Plains, the Straits are littered with packs of -, - and -type Pokémon, none of which have a domestic bone in their body. This route is a favorite for trainers looking to practice their tactical skills, as one must take into account the constant rain and unstable, muddy ground.
18 186 Aug 4 2018, 11:05 PM
In: Thunderbolt and Lightning
By: Wild Pokémon
No New Posts Procella Prairie
Burdened by nigh-constant thunder and rain, what could otherwise be a quite nice retreat from the harsh wilderness that spans the islands isn't suitable for most anything to live, much less a proper settlement. -, - and -type Pokémon are abundant to almost absurd quantities due to a total lack of natural predators, making this a hotspot for trainers and researchers alike. Clusters of tents dot the landscape erratically, the only sign of the small groups of settlers who've decided to brave the weather, all of whom are much too scattered and fluid to ever form a true cultural background.
37 286 Jul 30 2018, 07:40 PM
In: Stumbling Along
By: James Foxxen
No New Posts ROUTE 4: Quod Galea
What some might call the "helm" of its area, this grassy knoll rises above the surrounding flatlands, providing a comfortable plateau abundant with -, - and -type Pokémon. One of the few locations in the region in which all matters of hunting and catching are legal, La Galea is the perfect training spot for trainers on their way to the island's gyms, or researches hoping to document new behaviors in the wild.

54 471 Aug 8 2018, 01:46 AM
In: ; go make yourself some fri...
By: Valrun Black
No New Posts Campana Town
Quite possibly the most normal, comforting town in the region, Campana Town is a hub for breeders, ranchers, and the odd trainer, proudly boasting the official -type gym of the island's league - a point of pride for such a small settlement. Made up of a series of gently rolling hills, Campana's homes are built into the earth, creating a hidden city of tunnels and passageways - and making it a good place to hide away from the pressures of city life. Because their entire infrastructure is built into the earth, mining is hugely important in Campana, with much of their income coming from the accidental excavation of precious metals and gems, including Eviolite. With an almost startlingly mixed population, Campana welcomes outsiders with open arms, and has become a mini hub of diversity, with the original culture being nearly lost by this point in time. Older natives do have a heavy Irish brogue, however, and most of the population is white.
109 1204 Yesterday at 05:10 am
In: Bright Hearts
By: Prija Shinawatra
No New Posts Caecus Town
Both larger and more heavily populated than its sister-town of Campana, Caecus is just on the verge of being deemed a true city, complete with the corruption and greed to go with the title. Researchers will feel right at home with the local focus on TMs, performance-enhancing drugs, and less than legal training techniques, while trainers themselves may be interested in the recently installed -type gym, which boasts both its challenge and high fashion. Driving their prosperity through transport, clothing manufacturing, and a black market linked directly to Piscari, Caecus is a home-away-from-home for those less than inclined to follow the word of the law. Its original population is largely light-skinned, with a mix of French and British dialects.
163 2092 Yesterday at 01:32 pm
In: Dragonfish
By: Tweak
No New Posts ROUTE 5: Niveus Pass
Carved into the terrain, much like an above-ground Pullus Maze, Niveus Pass leads into the mountain range which towers above most of the island. A small lake sits at its core, the walkway wrapping around it and providing a unique spot to hunt for -type Pokémon. The further one travels, the more -types abound, and those adventurous enough to peer into the nearby snowbound ruins may uncover highly aggressive, territorial -types. This pass is yet another alternative route to Odonton City, although it is much longer than traversing the Ten-Thousand Steps. Less chance of death notwithstanding, it also provides lovely scenery.

18 222 Aug 12 2018, 04:56 AM
In: Shortcuts are like Life Hac...
By: Aureliusz Volkov
No New Posts ROUTE 6: The Bends
Thankfully not the type inexperienced divers are prone to. The Bends received their nickname in contrast to their peaceful, gentling atmosphere amidst a truly hellish path to Odonton City, providing a reprieve from the nigh-unending onslaught of snow and ice. Patches of soft grass and gently flowing rivers dot this short swath of clear land, cocooned by tall spires of stone and insulated by a rare treeline. - and -type Pokémon often settle here, taking advantage of one of the mountain's few sources of fresh water and greenery.
Subforums: MITIS COVE

30 233 Yesterday at 01:47 pm
In: Hidden Eggs Color Blackened...
By: Juju Ba'e
No New Posts Agri Town
Populated and maintained almost entirely by farmers and ranchers, Agri is booming with the breeding trade, with its citizens employing the bartering system when it comes to pawning off crops and meat for labor. Although trainers are generally looked down upon as less useful than breeders or the aforementioned farmers, they may be interested in the town's -type gym, which also accepts a hard month's work in exchange for a badge, rather than the usual fighting spree. Almost all of Agri's native population is black, with dialects primarily stemming from an African origin, including Somali, Berber, Yoruba, and Swahili.
34 329 Aug 11 2018, 03:38 AM
In: A Small Detour
By: Zee
No New Posts ROUTE 7: The Ten-Thousand Steps
The name is an exaggeration, we promise. The implied effort is not. Rugged stone and sheets of ice provide little traction for those attempting to summit the mountain pass, and only the rare - and -type Pokémon is seen, with scarce prey and vegetation to support their survival. Hundreds of travelers have become horribly lost during this trek, and some say the snow conceals more than the fossils of ancient Pokémon...

23 217 Jul 3 2018, 12:01 AM
In: Team Little Big
By: Lily Flowers
No New Posts Odonton City
Named for its tooth-like mountain ranges and the multitude of savage wild Pokémon who live just outside its gates. The people aren't very welcoming, either. The few outsiders who do brave the cold to get to Odonton generally do so to face its / -type gym on their quest to become the next Champion, but for those who are less inclined to fight, the city holds a plethora of supplies not found anywhere else above sea level. With a culture startlingly similar to that of the sherpa group of Nepal, Odonton natives speak primarily Nepali, but most have learned to translate for easier trading with the increased number of trainers visiting their frigid getaway.
66 804 Aug 9 2018, 05:10 AM
In: Suprise my dear dad!
By: Sun Rhyu
No New Posts ROUTE 8: Aduro Pass
A rough-hewn walkway made of hardened lava and calcified rock, Aduro Pass leads directly to Mount Aduro, the ever-watchful volcano of the isle. - and -types call this desolate land their home, and none are ever grateful to see a passerby, often starting fights and ganging up on weak trainers.
Subforums: MOUNT ADURO

27 156 Aug 13 2018, 09:14 PM
In: Enjoying the heat
By: Ara
No New Posts ROUTE 9: Una Way
Sticking out like a sore thumb among the relatively rural, natural lands of the region, Una Way is edged with signs leading to Uberrime City, proclaiming it to contain everything a traveler might need to be happy. - and -type Pokémon amble through piles of broken down machinery, playing pranks on passing tourists, and occasionally shocking certain items back into working order.
21 151 Aug 6 2018, 07:57 AM
In: Fighting for Scraps
By: Noritaka Torres
No New Posts Uberrime City
The very definition of opulence, Uberrime is packed to the brim with shining metal buildings, bustling shopping centers, and the latest in technology from researchers around the island - and even from other regions. Far and away the most advanced city for miles, Uberrime boasts a multi-story gym, highlighting and -type Pokémon, along with an alternative route through which those less inclined to fight can answer puzzling questions to advance. Those with scientific interests will be right at home, especially researchers, who will no doubt find work in any field they please. Breeders, however, may find themselves up a proverbial stream without a proverbial paddle, as Uberrime's population is inundated with the latest in pure blooded oddities and attractive award-winning Pokémon. Oddly, Uberrime seems to have no discernible culture, nor has it ever...
Subforums: QUOD VORAGO

262 3469 Yesterday at 10:09 pm
In: Uberrime's Pet Store
By: Wild Pokémon
No New Posts ROUTE 10: Lake Lebes
Named for the picturesque view of the sunset reflecting off of its placid surface, Lake Lebes is oddly devoid of swimming Pokémon, instead hosting a variety of unbothered plant life. -types swarm over its surface to feed on the nectar of water lilies and roost in clumps of reeds, while -type Pokémon frequent the many shrines placed in and around the lake. Most of these stone structures are dedicated to Celebi, but a select few carry the names of those residents of Stipes City who have moved from this world into the spirit world. Some travelers choose to pay homage to the spirits and nature alike by placing offerings of food, candles and small Celebi dolls by the feet of the closest shrines.
46 414 Aug 1 2018, 09:44 PM
In: Vivillon are Swarming!
By: Wild Pokémon
No New Posts Stipes City
The center of the islands for pious studies, Stipes developed almost completely solitary from the rest of the landscape, centering around a deep respect for the forest and Celebi, its guardian. Hallowed shrines dot the multiple clearings that protect its many logging sites, and the give-and-take relationship established between nature and man is taken very seriously, to the point of outsiders who aren't loggers themselves being mistrusted. Break into their culture, however, and find a welcoming expanse of rich history, honest workers, and a passion for the humane treatment for Pokémon. The oldest official gym of the islands rests in the center of Stipes, a sprawling tree house inhabited by trainers of and -type Pokemon. The population of Stipes is reminiscent of Buddhist monks and nuns, with a dialect primarily inspired by Thai.
27 299 Jul 30 2018, 07:36 PM
In: An eggcellent first quest
By: Tweak
Bleak and desolate, almost nothing is sturdy enough to survive the frozen wastes that lay beyond man's territory. Legend tells of Suicune, Articuno, and other -type Pokémon claiming this untouched land as their domain, but none have been brave or foolhardy enough to check the legitimacy of that tale.
5 0 May 12 2018, 06:58 AM
In: just another day
By: Carlton Shaw

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