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Welcome to the Ho'ohiki Region!

PLEDGE is a laid-back Pokémon trainer roleplay forum where everything is as easy or as hard as you'd like it to be! We are a 3-2-3 on the Universal RPG Rating System, with all content above a 2-1-2 requiring a content warning at the top of the post.

Including mechanics like the Link system and Delta Pokémon, we offer experiences that vary from humans that just happen to live in the Pokémon World, to trainers like in the games, to hardcore "Nuzlocke" routes.

We're also open any and all advice, criticism, and questions! Check out our guest friendly Q&A Forum, or catch us in the chatbox.

About Journey Threads

In order to take on the gyms, contests, catch Pokémon and more, each character has a specific type of threading called Journey Threads. These threads are moderated by the staff to give NPC interaction, wild Pokémon, and other encounters and events.





Each character may only have one (1) Journey Thread at a time, and must finish/leave a Journey Thread before starting another one. Not only do Journey Threads happen in linear order, they also physically track between areas linearly. Each area has a list of travel destinations to choose from, allowing for a variety of paths.

Regardless of the number of characters you have, members may have up to three (3) Journey Threads active at a time, but may also put Journey Threads on hold and post intros to Lab Threads to reserve starters. We keep track of this information at our Journey Thread Masterlist, so check that for more information regarding the limit.

The very first journey thread for a character may start anywhere, but it's recommended for trainers from outside regions to start in Okeanos. Many trainers first Journey Thread take place at The Lighthouse/Laboratory, where Professor Coral gives out Starter Pokémon.

When creating a roleplaying thread, don't forget to select one of the many Post Icons. Interaction Threads should be marked with Open, Private, Fight or Train, while all Journey Threads should be given the Journey Icon. Please note that any thread above PG-13 rating should have a Content Warning tag OR a note at the start of the posts. You may also mark threads with tags in the title, i.e. Thread Name [Open].

Starting Requirements

Each Journey requires to have these things. Some things are only done once (like setting up the URLs in your UCP) but many of these need to be done or included every time you do a journey thread. If you miss something we will help you out by posting in your thread but you will need to put a new tag. So keep this in mind.

1. Your character's UCP or "Mini Profile" must be filled out with the correct links.

Please make sure both your character's App Link and PC Link are in your character's UCP information. Tracker code is optional. You are not required to fill out and have a tracker.

2. Your character's UCP or "Mini Profile" must have updated Party Stats.

These stats must include the following: species (in lowercase), name if they have one, gender, level, link, ability, moveset without the signature move stats and whether it is normal/delta/shiny. And while Journey Threads are likely to go off of stats listed in the first post, having an updated stats here will show us you have been paying attention to your level/link thread and are keeping track of your Pokemon.

3. To have posted in the Journey Thread Msterlist stating there is a new thread to be added.

You will do this each time there is a new journey. Remember to post here using your OOC account with the form filled out. If you have finished a thread prior to starting a new one remember to post closing the prior thread as well. This can be done in the same post!

4. To add Active Team Stats to the first post of every Journey Thread.

To prevent confusion as you continue to do Interaction Threads, and gain levels that way, you must include the following at the first post of every Journey Thread: species, name if they have one, gender, level, link, ability, moveset, held item and delta typing (if applicable). All 6 Pokemon must have these stats posted. If you change Pokemon out mid-thread you must list the full new team stats in that post.

5. Must have an up-to-date PC including all owned Pokemon and Eggs.

All owned Pokemon, regardless of whether they are part of Active Teams or not, must be listed with the following stats: species, name if they have one, gender, level, link, ability, moveset, held item and delta typing (if applicable). We also highly recommend listing your Pokemon's Pokeball, or lack there of, but require the mention the use of Luxury Balls since they increase Link similar to Soothe Bells. Items in backpacks may also be listed but not required. Dream Teams are likewise optional. Organization of this page is up to you but if you wish to use a code we recommend This One by our user, and Global Moderator, Sloth.


Once a Journey Thread is posted, copy the link to the thread and post in the Tagbox to alert a Moderator that you need modding with the following code: [tagmod]LINK[/tagmod]. Anything requiring a Mod, whether its catching or fighting a Pokemon, looking for Move Tutors, reviving Fossils, or taking part in Gym Battles or Contests, just to name a few, you are required to post a tag in the Tagbox.

Moderators create a setting, adventure, and plot for your character's journeys to take place. They can spawn Wild Pokemon, other trainers, various NPCS, or environmental hazards for your character to deal with. You may request for specific things to happen in your journey threads-- check out our special journey thread information bellow for more detail.

In Default Mode, moderators will usually keep things reasonably within your teams levels, outside of plot shenanigans. In Hardmode, however, all bets are off. If your character is careful and well prepared, they'll likely do alright, but foolishness and risk taking are more likely to be punished in this mode!

When a mod spawns a Pokemon, all of its information is hidden, including its level, unless your character is a researcher. However, we have two special symbols that are used if the challenge is too low or too high for your team.

- Danger Level tags are used to mark Pokemon that are 5 levels above your team (or 10 levels above, for Hardmode). These Pokemon usually, but not always, are Uncatchable; and very difficult to fight. We recommend trying another method to get by or handle these Pokemon.

- Baby Level tags are used to mark Pokemon that are 5 levels under your team (Hardmode will not see these tags). You can fight them, but you will only receive participation levels. (Usually only 1 level for defeating them, as compared to 2.) A mod will only give out levels if you deserve them!


If you buy a bicycle in the General Store, you skip areas while traveling.
If you have a Pokémon that can normally learn Fly as an HM and own the Fly HM, you may travel back to any town/city your character has been to in a previous Journey Thread.

In Default Mode, a trainer may make a single post Journey Thread saying they are traveling through the area, skipping any wild Pokémon or other events.
In Hardmode, trainers MUST have at least one complete Modded Encounter before they may move on.

Special Journey Threads

Bellow is a list of different kinds of special Journey Threads that trainers can participate in! Again, you may only have one Journey Thread per character-- the only exception is Event threads, but we'll get to that later.

As always, don't forget to copy the link to the thread and post in the Tagbox to alert a Moderator that you need modding with the following code: [tagmod]LINK[/tagmod].

Gym Battles

Gyms on PLEDGE can be attempted in any order, though many trainers start at the Okeanos Gym.

Before a Gym Battle begins, the Gym Leader will give a set of rules depending on how many badges the trainer has, as well as the general skill level of the trainer. If a trainer only has two Pokémon, for example, a Gym Leader will likely only use two Pokémon themselves. The rules for specific Gyms can be quite varied, and a trainer should be ready for rules like no items, no switching, and more. If something isn't mentioned at the start of a Gym Battle, it's likely fair game.

The Pokémon the Gym Leader will use depends entirely on how many badges a trainer has; however, a Gym Leader will always use their best Pokémon for people on Hardmode. It isn't unusual for a trainer to lose against a Gym the first time, but a loss might still mean a badge if the Trainer has proven themselves. If a trainer clearly isn't experienced enough for the Gym they're fighting, a Gym Leader might refuse them or stomp them-- please note, a trainer may retry a Gym Battle at any time!

There are also other ways of receiving Gym Badges. Occasionally, a badge might be given out as a reward for doing an event, or interacting with an NPC in some other fashion. This is fairly rare, but whenever a special NPC enters a thread, be aware that there's a chance to receive a badge!

After beating a Gym Leader in an official battle, the Gym Leader will give out a substantial cash prize, as well as a HM/TM for the effort. Another item might be given to someone who truly impresses the Gym Leader.

At the moment, we have 7 Gyms.

Okeanos' water-type Gym -- Run by Sharon Waters
Campana's grass-type Gym -- Run by Caitlin Autumn
Caecus' Fairy-type Gym -- Run by Clair Rey
Agri's Normal-type Gym -- Run by Bahati Faraji
Odonton's Ice/Ground-type Gym -- Run by Rukha Viśēṣa
Uberrime's Steel/Electric-type Gym -- Run by Raine Okimasa
Stipes' Bug/Ghost-type Gym -- Run by Jinpa Lotsawa

The Eighth Gym will be decided further down the line. Tentatively, we're extending an offer to all trainers to build up a team so that they can become the Eighth Gym Leader, though there are no guarantees.

We also have an Elite Four, but discovering them will take a strong will as they have scattered across Ho'ohiki for reasons that no one knows...

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In order to participate in a Contest, you must be a certified Breeder Class OR have a Prop Case, purchasable in the store!

Contests on PLEDGE, contrast to Gym Battles, must be attempted in a specific order. The first Contest Hall in Okeanos is Normal Rank, and a coordinator must earn a ribbon here before moving on.

Contests have specific rules that can be read about before entering the contest. Contests always have two parts, a Primary and Secondary Judging, described in more detail below. In general, a Contest is about skill and grace, not about defeating another trainer.

Primary Judging is always held first. The Pokémon that the coordinator intends on using during the contest is rated based on their condition. Most contest halls allow a performance, where a Pokémon and Coordinator can show off their routine in order to impress the judges.

Secondary Judging varies between contest halls, however most frequently include a battle between coordinators. Each battle last five rounds and the object of the battle is to decrease the opponent's points. Coordinators lose points when their Pokémon are hit by an attack, when their Pokémon's attack fails, when the opponent's Pokémon performs a particularly appealing move, or when the opponent's Pokémon uses their Pokémon's attack to its own advantage. A battle can also end when one of the Pokémon is unable to battle, called Battle Off by the judges. In this case, the Coordinator with the remaining Pokémon is declared the winner.

The Coordinator with the most points remaining is declared the winner. As such, it is possible to win the Secondary Judging round without earning a ribbon. Coordinators on PLEDGE will be told what "score" they have to beat going into the second round.

The current Contest Halls are in the following locations:

Okeanos' Normal Rank Contest Hall -- An Introduction to Contests for Beginners!
Uberrime's Super Rank Contest Hall -- A Test of Unusual Skills and Unique Talents!
Agri's Hyper Rank Contest Hall -- A Show of Powerful Domestic Breeds and Their Uses!
Caecus' Master Rank Contest Hall -- The Best of The Best; The Elite Pedigrees Competition!

Occasionally, a Contest may be held as an event, allowing for multiple coordinators to compete against each other in a site-wide tournament! A non-Breeder trainer without a Prop Case may be allowed to unofficially enter for the chance to win a Prop Case, as well. Keep an eye out for these special contests, as they will award unique Ribbons on winning!

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Events are special threads that are started by the Moderation Team, involving NPCs and Wild Pokemon, generally. These usually have an impact on the world more so than a simple interaction thread, and the result of the thread is highly character driven.

In order to join an Event thread, a trainer must be in or recently have had a journey thread in a nearby location. We ask that people only put one of their characters into an event, to give others more chance to interact and influence the story.

Most events have a goal or conflict to overcome. Once an event is replied to, anyone in the thread may request moderation by tagging it in the Tagbox as usual, but staff will also update events after a certain amount of time, regardless of interaction.

Once the event has been resolved, those who participated will often receive a prize. These can be anything from awards, to items, to extra link or level for Pokémon involved.

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Hunting for Rare Pokémon

In an individual journey thread, a trainer may wish to look for a specific Pokémon. By either requesting a Pokémon in the title, description, or main post of the thread, moderators will help the trainer get closer to their goal. If a Pokémon is commonly found on the route, it has a high chance to simply spawn immediately-- but rarer Pokémon are a bit more tricky.

In addition to the Pokémon listed for each area, there is a secret list of Pokémon that can appear in places for moderators. In order to obtain these Pokémon, moderators will give the trainer something akin to a quest: perhaps an NPC will appear with a hint for where the Pokémon might be found, or a Wild Pokémon will cry for help and eventually lead the trainer to the Pokémon they want.

If a Pokémon wouldn't make sense to appear in a certain area but is requested, a moderator will likely trickle in hints that a trainer has to move to another area. The staff here at PLEDGE wants to create natural, flowing stories while still allowing for people to create their dream team-- so communication is important! If you're really stuck, moderators are here to help. We won't ever tell you where you can find a Squirtle out of character, but often asking around a town near water will probably fetch you more answers to lead you in the right direction!

In general, every area has a type that is common to them. If you're looking for a Fire Type, you should probably try Aduro Pass or the Pullus Maze!

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Hidden Machines (HMs)

HMs are unique to PLEDGE in that a Pokémon does not need to learn a move to use an HM. Instead, a trainer must simply possess a Pokémon that could learn the HM in question, as well as have the HM in their inventory, in order to use the move.

In short, this means that a Pokémon can use an HM temporarily to use a move without taking one of the four move slots they have.

PLEDGE's HMs are slightly different from the regular games as well, including all 11 moves that have once been HMs.

HM01 Whirlpool

"Sailors warn of abusing Lugia's Gift, but harnessing the power of this HM allows the curious to venture further."

Whirlpool can be used both to create as well as cross whirlpools found outside of battle. Most notably important when traveling through the Deluge, though treading Lugia's Whirlpools has been rumored to anger the great sea god.

HM02 Dive

"Undiscovered and untouched, only with this HM can both human and Pokemon can come to understand the deep."

Dive allows a Pokemon to carry their trainer into deeper water. Most useful out on the open ocean, this move does not give the human partner the ability to breathe underwater, but conveniently protects them from pressure changes, allowing for deep sea diving so long as they bring oxygen of their own.

HM03 Flash

"A blinding light, so striking that it could have come from lightning itself. This HM illuminates like Ho-oh's sky itself."

Using Flash can light up dark caverns or other dreary, pitch black spaces. Do to the blinding, initial flash, it has been mistaken for lightning more than once. Good for exploring the dark, or imitating Zapdos, if you desire.

HM04 Fly

"Be warned that only Ho-oh can fly high enough to touch the sun, and if you dare follow you will be swallowed in flames."

Fly allows for a Pokemon to carry their trainer to any town they have previously visited in a journey thread, allowing for quick, in not slightly limited, quick travel.

HM05 Waterfall

"As Groudon raised the earth, water fell down to Kyogre, crashing with the Water God's anger. Rise above the fury with this HM."

While Ho'ohiki isn't as well-known for waterfalls as it is for whirlpools, around Paulo Abbas and Paulo Matris, there are a variety of freezing, crashing falls that can be climbed. Rumor has it, if there was a Pokemon descended from both Groudon and Kyogre, it could reach the peak of Mt Aduro using the lava falls-- but no one is foolish enough to dare.

HM06 Rock Smash

"With dedication and a fierce focus, this HM can break even the strongest of stones into little pieces."

Various obstructions and challenges can be overcome with Rock Smash, namely by breaking up large boulders. However, using Rock Smash may disturb nearby Pokemon or shake lose certain items.

HM07 Rock Climb

"With the right equipment, humans have managed to imitate the way many Pokemon climb sheer surfaces-- but with this move, it's somehow a lot safer and faster."

Using Rock Climb makes for easy traversal in cliffy areas, many of which can be found all throughout Ho'ohiki. Using this HM allows trainers to reach spots that are more secluded or difficult to reach otherwise.

HM08 Surf

"Before there was Ho'ohiki formed, there was only small, shifting pieces of land that were impossible to live upon. Instead, humans would ride upon the backs of Pokemon, making their homes on the largest of creatures."

Surf is perhaps the most obvious of moves, allowing for the traversal of any water area. Using Surf, a trainer can skip between Okeanos, Piscari, Hudor Reef, and Uberrime City with ease, as well as any route that has a water border. Traveling through the Deluge, however, is not recommended, even for experienced trainers.

HM09 Strength

"When humanity was weak with youth, they turned to their neighbors. The Pokemon in kind, moved the land, shaping it into homes for the newest creation of Ho-oh."

Strength is used to clear paths and obstructions. As such, it's useful for dealing with moderated events-- but mostly commonly this HM is used by Pokemon to assist humans in moving and shaping land. In fact, many Pokemon often are used to help move people to new places using superhuman Strength!

HM10 Defog

"When you become lost, put your trust in your Pokemon. They will guide you to where you need to be, for they have known these lands longer than we have even walked them."

Defog is best for clearing up fogs, mists, and other airy obstructions like smoke or smog. On foggy days, many Pokemon will come out that usually would be hiding, allowing for trainers to find rarer Pokemon using this move. In addition, this move may help prevent getting lost.

HM11 Cut

"Humans did not know how to take from nature without destroying it-- it was Pokemon that showed us how to be one with our world, how to truly live within it."

Especially useful for traveling through thick forests, Cut is often forbidden in Stipes except under certain circumstances. Hacking through the trees and brush makes for travel easier, as well as for finding rarer Pokemon in thicker wildernesses, but be aware that it might anger certain Pokemon (not unlike Rock Smash).

Special Technical Machines (TMs)

Some moves can be used outside of battle, but aren't considered HMs. These moves must be learned by a Pokémon in order to be used, unlike HMs.


The Pokémon can dig the player out of a cavern to the place where the player entered it, similar to an Escape Rope. Dig can be used to escape certain dangerous situations in Hardmode, where a trainer would normally be forced to overcome the danger before leaving.


The Pokémon can teleport the player to the front of the last visited Pokémon Center by using telekinesis. Teleport can be used to escape and leave Journey Threads at any time, even in Hardmode.


The Pokémon cuts some of its HP to recover another Pokémon's HP outside of battle.


The Pokémon can shake a small tree which may cause a wild Pokémon to fall down. Used in any wooded area, this move increases the chances of a rare Pokemon encounter.

Sweet Scent:

The Pokémon can activate a wild Pokémon battle in tall grass, caves, and water. This move increased the chance of a rare Pokémon encounter, or assists in finding specific Pokémon, similiar to Sweet Honey.

Secret Power:

The Pokémon can clear an entrance into a big tree, a bush or an indent in a wall. This move can be used to overcome certain dangerous situations in Journey Threads, but may also be used to find secrets-- keep an eye out for hints from moderators to use this move!

Other Special Moves:

Milk Drink:

Similar to Soft-Boiled, the Pokémon cuts some of its HP to recover another Pokémon's HP outside of battle.


Can be used to teach a Pokémon a certain phrase or tune.
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Plotting with NPCs

NPCs make up the vast world of Ho'ohiki, but finding the right NPC for your plot can be tricky. We try to encourage people to roleplay with one another above all, but sometimes a trainer's Journey Thread will lead them to needing to interact with an NPC.

Firstly, we recommend you check out our NPC List! This list is updated frequently, so keep an eye out. Perhaps your character wants to meet the Council of Celebi... So what should you do next? Post in our Plotting with NPC page! You can also simply make a Journey Thread in Stipes City asking for the council, but it's usually a good bet to talk to staff before hand so we know exactly what you want out of the situation.

NPC threads are not interaction threads at all-- they're considered Journey Threads, so you can't have a thread for catching Pokemon and interacting with NPCs at the same time. Please note that NPC threads can be slower to update, but we do our best to keep on top of them!

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Fateful Encounters

Although Legendaries cannot be captured on PLEDGE, they still do exist. Although encountering one is extremely rare, such a visit by a Legendary is seen as something driven by fate and usually a sign of good fortune. Some trainers may spend their whole lives trying to encounter a Legendary, but here's the scoop:

Anyone can encounter a Legendary, though a guaranteed encounter is only given out through special events and contests as prizes. Fareful Encounter threads may only happen to a character once a month at most, and are treated like NPC Journey Threads.

When encountering a Legendary, the thread's plot will become more narratively focused by the Moderator. Like NPC threads, these may take longer to get responses than usual journey threads, however, the staff at PLEDGE work to ensure that each Legendary is unique to Ho'ohiki. Every Legendary has their own lore and history with the world of PLEDGE, and they each have a distinct personality. Whether the Legendary approves of the trainers it meets is another story.

Linking with Legendaries

Rarely, a trainer that calls upon the help of a Legendary may form a temporary link with the Pokemon. This bond is always started by the Legendary, and is broken off at the end of the thread. Even when linked, the Legendary is still controlled by the moderators. This link is often overwhelming to humans, leaving them exhausted afterwards, but it comes with the great benefit of having a literal God on your character's side.

Mega Evolution

While humans have found a way to make Mega Evolution happen without the help of Legendaries using Mega Stones and accessories that hold the Stones, when a trainer forms a perfect bond with their Pokemon, Legendaries are bound to take notice. Instead of a trainer having to buy a Mega Stone and acquire the accessory that lets them use Mega Evolution, at 100% Link with a qualified Pokemon, a Fateful Encounter is more likely to happen to the character in question.

Legendaries can bestow great gifts upon Pokemon and Humans alike. Keep an eye out for them, as anyone who shows true trust and loyalty to their Pokemon has a greater chance of meeting these rare, powerful creatures.

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