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Welcome to the Ho'ohiki Region!

PLEDGE is a laid-back Pokémon trainer roleplay forum where everything is as easy or as hard as you'd like it to be! We are a 3-2-3 on the Universal RPG Rating System, with all content above a 2-1-2 requiring a content warning at the top of the post.

Including mechanics like the Link system and Delta Pokémon, we offer experiences that vary from humans that just happen to live in the Pokémon World, to trainers like in the games, to hardcore "Nuzlocke" routes.

We're also open any and all advice, criticism, and questions! Check out our guest friendly Q&A Forum, or catch us in the chatbox.


Admins are solely responsible for making the site function. The owner of the site is Shafaer, and Matt's the right hand man! Soul helps keep the site running and thus has access to the back-end. There's quite a few people involved in making the site tick, but these are the folks you should come to if a Mod can't sort you out!

user posted image Admin Shafaer (profile)

"Hey there! I'm Shafaer, and I'm the proud owner of PLEDGE. Matt and I came up with this site nearly two years ago, and it's been going strong ever since. I'm 24 years old, with a history in stereoscopic 3d movie conversion in Burbank, but since then I've moved to be closer to family. This little hobby project of mine is my pride and joy, and if you need anything, don't hestiate to let me know!" She/her/hers pronouns.

STATUS: Currently busy with a brand new 9-to-5 job!

↪ Builds mechanics and general site updates, route art and coding.

user posted image Admin Matt (profile)

"Howdy, I'm Matt! I'm a 21 year old trans man and a full-time, pre-med college student majoring in philosophy and religion. I'm currently working to get my degree and move on to medical school, aiming to specialize in either forensic pathology or pediatrics. I'm Shafaer's right hand guy, so I mostly work on upkeep (updating directories, tweaking bugs, making new subforums) and lore (all those little stories and area descriptions)!" He/him/his pronouns.

STATUS: Currently busy with college!

↪ Works on world-building content, NPCs, art, and keeping the peace.

user posted imageCoder Soul (profile)

"Hey kids, my name is Soul. I'm a 22-year-old artist, writer, coder, and cat in human form. I was yanked into this project by Shafaer, my older cousin, but hey, that's what friends are for, right? And besides, I'm always the coolest kid on the block." He/him/his pronouns.

STATUS: Semi-retired!

↪ Primarily a site designer and artist, but has also worked on some world-building content.


Mods help with the everyday running of PLEDGE, from replying to Journey threads to accepting new characters! You can always contact one of them for help, especially if an Admin isn't online at the time. We currently have six moderators: Kenkou, Sloth, Cadmium, Lepidolite, Oniwanbashu and Takarra!

user posted image Global Mod Kenkou (profile)

"Sup! I'm Kenkou! I'm a 21 year old artist who absolutely loves everything Pokémon! My interests are pretty vast ranging from art, games, cosplay, music, animation and monsters! I love horror but the cute fluffy and sweet stuff is the bee's knees too! Memes and puns are what get up in the morning. Hopefully I'll see you around!" She/he/they pronouns.

STATUS: Currently busy with work!

↪ Wild Pokémon/advertisements/egg moderator and artist.

user posted image Global Mod Sloth (profile)

"Heya I'm Sloth, a 26 year old masculine gender neutral sloth. I absolutely love coding for people and writing dastardly plots. I'm a Ground Pokemon nut who loves playing Skyrim and Fallout and cooking up some meat. You can almost always find me on any of the chats waiting to talk to people and have a good time. Need anything? Just let me know!" They/them/theirs pronouns.

STATUS: Currently around!

↪ Wild Pokémon moderator.

user posted image Global Mod Takarra (profile)

"Hello! My name is Takarra, but feel free to call me Taka, Tak, or just Tk. I've been a fan of Pokemon from the release of the very first English-translated Gameboy game (yes, that's how old I am). I run my own dog training business, usually in addition to a part-time gig while the business is growing. In my free time I draw, write (mostly role-play), play board games, hang out with my girlfriend and take naps with my cats. I'm known as a thread hoarder, so feel free to hit me up for some plotting if you wish. I'm also usually around the cbox or on Discord if you just want to chat or have any questions!" She/her/hers pronouns.

STATUS: Currently around!

↪ Wild Pokémon moderator.

user posted image Mod Cadmium (profile)

"Hi my name's Cad and I'm stressed, depressed, and not well dressed. Anywho! I've been a member of pledge since the first month it was officially 'open' thanks to my sib—Global Mod Kenkou as y'all may know 'em,—basically giving me the eyes emoji every few hours to make an account here... Anyway! I've made too many characters and I can't stop making em... save yourselves... don't become like the mods with over 50 characters." She/they pronouns.

STATUS: Currently busy with school!

↪ Wild Pokémon moderator.

user posted image Mod Oniwanbashu (profile)

"Salam! My name is Oniwanbashu but feel free to call me Oni! I spend my days drawing at a studio, drawing for fun, drawing to cope with general existential crisis, RPing and mainly courting early onset carpal tunnel syndrome. I work at an animation company as an art director, content creator and occasional secretary when my boss can't English worth a damn. I also work on commissions in my free time!" She/her/hers pronouns.

STATUS: Currently around!

↪ Wild Pokémon and Art moderator.

user posted image Mod Karlos (profile)

"G'day! I'm Karlos, a 22 Year old Australian who adores everything Pokemon and RP so Pledge was an easy choice of home. Some might think I'm a bit too hyper when it comes to just about everything but that just adds to my charm. IRL I'm a University Drop out who now works as a technician wherever I can and currently in a dry spell when it comes to work whilst looking for a second job to help pay them bills. On Pledge I'm a lunatic and whenever I can I'm posting up a storm with many of my babies. Hit me up for some fun plots, I promise I won't leave you hanging for too long." He/him/his pronouns.

STATUS: Currently around!

↪ Wild Pokémon moderator.

user posted image Mod Scath (profile)

"Hiya folks ^^ I be Scath! I'm a 26 year old introverted Leo (kinda an oxymoron there, ain't it?), who enjoys helping people out. I live at home with my five dogs and five cats (rabbits and goats too). Some of the things I enjoy are reading (fanfiction counts, right?), baking and cooking (resident amateur chef of Pledge), and cuddling with my numerous animals. I'm almost always around on Discord, lurking more often than not, so feel free to ping me! I am friendly and don't bite ^^" She/Her/Hers pronouns.

STATUS: Currently around!

↪ Wild Pokémon moderator.

user posted image Mod Basset (profile)

"Приве́т! I'm Basset, a 22 year old elementary education major who is absolutely not freaking out about student teaching this coming fall. When I'm not worrying about accidentally messing up future generations I spend my time reading fanfiction classic literature of great importance, re-watching The Office watching inspiring and thought provoking independent films, and listening to The Killers the concertos of influential composers. I have too many characters, a cat that likes to cuddle only when no one else is around, and an unhealthy love for Mexican food. Oh, and chickens are the coolest animal in the entire world." She/Her/Hers pronouns.

STATUS: Currently around!

↪ Wild Pokémon moderator.

user posted image Mod Novae (profile)

"G’day everybody! My name is Novae, but most people just call me Nov! I’m but a humble 23 y/o autistic Aussie with a love of tea, all things Pokemon, and doing dastardly things to my darling characters. I spend most of my time arguing with my dog, contemplating the meaning of life, and hoarding as many threads as I can get my hands on. Oh, and listening to horror narrations on youtube. For plot inspiration, of course. I’m always up for plotting, so hit me up in the Discord!" He/Him/His pronouns preferred, but others are fine too!

STATUS: Currently around!

↪ Wild Pokémon and Art moderator.

user posted image Mod Penelope (profile)

"Hey, what's up? I'm Penelope, but people usually call me Penny. I'm just another person who does art. I've been told that I've been using art for evil. It's not necessarily wrong. I'm a student finishing up high school, soon to head towards college! I'm always around if you want to talk about art, dragons, or even something completely strange, like how one would go about ruining the fabric of the universe by messing around with gods. Theoretically, of course." She/her/hers pronouns.

STATUS: Currently around!

↪ Art Moderator.

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