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Welcome to the Ho'ohiki Region!

PLEDGE is a laid-back Pokémon trainer roleplay forum where everything is as easy or as hard as you'd like it to be! We are a 3-2-3 on the Universal RPG Rating System, with all content above a 2-1-2 requiring a content warning at the top of the post.

Including mechanics like the Link system and Delta Pokémon, we offer experiences that vary from humans that just happen to live in the Pokémon World, to trainers like in the games, to hardcore "Nuzlocke" routes.

We're also open any and all advice, criticism, and questions! Check out our guest friendly Q&A Forum, or catch us in the chatbox.

Before joining, we ask you read the following rules and setting page. We also encourage reading our expanded game mechanics pages, with everything else in this guide being entirely supplemental information. Our reference guide has term definitions and in-depth clarification on how PLEDGE works.


1. Please keep all OOC threads, posts, and cbox messages PG-13.
Graphic depictions of gore, violence, or possibly triggering materials will be censored when found. Minimal swearing is allowed; however, please refrain from excessive use of swears.
2. User accounts on PLEDGE are set up as follows: one OOC hub account per user, with separate IC accounts for each of your characters.
This allows for easier separation of characters, items, and Pokemon. All plotters, trackers, art threads, and other OOC threads should be posted from your OOC account, not an IC account. Individual PCs and other IC materials, however, may be posted by that character's IC account, for better organization. OOC accounts can also be used as a "bank," meaning you may transfer any currency made through posting from your IC accounts to your OOC account, and vice versa.
3. Please be respectful to your fellow users.
Hotly debated issues such as politics and religion are allowed, but do not insult or otherwise disrespect others based on their opinions or beliefs. Users found to be harassing others for their views will be reprimanded. Users who do this three times will be banned for a week, and any further incidents will result in a permanent ban. Note: Homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, and other forms of bigotry are not considered part of this rule, as they are not opinions or beliefs - however, please contact Admin Matt via PM immediately if you see this kind of behavior happening in any OOC context.
4. Do not god-mod or otherwise attempt to weigh IC interactions in your favor.
Incidents of this will result in your roll being deducted to a flat roll of 0, essentially losing a turn. For example: posting a roll in an IC fight, deleting said post, and posting again to reroll is considered godmodding, and will be punished accordingly.
5. PLEDGE is meant to be a small, casual site, with a minimal stress level on its users.
For this reason, we do not have activity checks, and only encourage people to post at least a few sentences, rather than a hard wordcount. Please play at your own pace, and try not to bother others for fast, intricate replies - every username has a real person behind it!
6. Art theft of any kind will not be tolerated.
Please only use stock images, official Pokemon Company materials, or artwork used with clear permission.
7. Do not advertise outside of the advertisement sub-board.


8. Our site rating is 3-2-3. If an IC thread goes over the bounds of PG-13 or 2-1-2 rating, mark the content with a Content Warning.
Graphic depictions of sexual content is not allowed. Graphic depictions of gore, drug use, violence, or possibly triggering materials must have a note before the content letting fellow members know what the post will entail. For example: "CW: gore, self harm", etc.
9. Characters may not start with shiny, delta, legendary, or rare Pokemon.
Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, and are only available through special site wide events, such as contests or IC event threads. Delta and rare Pokemon are less exclusive, but may only be acquired through IC roleplay. Legendary Pokemon are not capturable.
10. Characters may only have one IC journey thread at a time, as these are moderated by staff to give wild Pokemon and NPC encounters.
This includes any thread that you wish for a moderator to post a reply in, and these are in static time-- they MUST happen linearly. Once you have finished a journey thread, you may begin a new one in the same area or a travel area. You may have as many non-journey threads as you like, however, and these can be posted anywhere independent of your current travel thread-- as long as they line up with your character's journey timeline somehow.
11. In-character disrespect should never translate to OOC behaviors, and vice-versa.
Some characters will be cruel or rude, and that is fine - as long as they remain so ICly, and do not target the person behind the other character's name. Please keep IC interactions as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, for everyone's sake!
12. Warning: This section of the rulebook will discuss possibly triggering subjects. Read at your own risk.
Rape, physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, child abuse, misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, drug abuse, and other real-world issues are allowed to be discussed ICly on PLEDGE. Realistic depictions of drug abusers and the like are accepted, but in-character actions or prejudices should never bleed into OOC interactions. Manipulative, unhealthy relationships happen both in real life and in RP, and can be interesting to read, but please handle these situations with care, and try to treat them - and your fellow users - with respect. If you are uncomfortable with the actions of another user's character, or vice versa, please contact Admin Matt via PM; do not contact the user yourself.

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