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Tagbox Rules!

Below are listed the main rules and guidelines of the Tagbox.

  • Use [tagmod]THREAD LINK[/tagmod] to notify staff that you need moderation.
    Staff will change the image to MOD REPLYING while they answer, and your message will be deleted once you've been replied to to keep the tagbox clear.

  • You may use the Tagbox to link open threads or let someone know you have posted with a link.

  • Do not spam the Tagbox with a link more than once or many links.

  • Keep it short and brief, friends! Use the Chatbox at the top of the site to talk, never the Tagbox!

  • Be kind to others using the Tagbox <3

  • Remember to follow all other site rules.

That's it!

Remember to abide by these so you dont get banned!

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